Campus Celebrity: Lorae Bonamy

With homecoming approaching, there are a ton of activities planned to happen rather quickly. One of the events being the memorable Homecoming Pageant. A time where both male and female students compete for the prominent title of Homecoming King or Queen. 

This year’s homecoming pageant at Temple University is sure to be more than just a memorable event. The pageant will be a time of fun and celebration because everyone including alumnus, faculty, and the student body are coming together to celebrate just how amazing Temple University really is.

Senior Lorae Bonamy, junior Paige Burno, and senior Demeshia Davis are the three ladies running for homecoming queen this year. Each of the girls are an important member of Temple’s student body. The contestants represent both student organizations, school activities, as well as Temple’s very own track and field team. These girls go above and beyond even outside of school to show what it truly means to be Temple Made.

Here at Her Campus Temple, we love to support our peers!

Lorae Bonamy is one of the lovely ladies running for homecoming queen at Temple University. The homecoming pageant runner is a member of the senior class and is majoring in Public Relations. She enjoys public relations because “I like to communicate with others,” says Bonamy.


An active participant in organizations on campus such as: Every Nation Campus and Temple Gospel Ministries. Both of the student organizations have a major impact on Bonamy. “It molded and shaped me into the young woman I am today,” Bonamy stated when speaking about Temple Gospel Ministries.

Three words that describe the homecoming contestant are purposeful, intentional, and excellent. Lorae Bonamy prides herself on living with a purpose and putting her all into anything that she is trying to achieve.

“I am running for homecoming queen because I want to serve,” says Bonamy. “Homecoming queen is a mixture of being a servant and queen; I want to embody both.”

The aspiring homecoming queen contestant is willing to use the homecoming queen platform to service her peers at Temple University. Lorae is confident that she is fit to wear the crown because she believes she is a great representation of Temple University.

If elected, Lorae Bonamy plans to “facilitate opportunities to engage with the community and unite student leaders through service.” Bonamy started 21 Days of Love in October of 2014 as a way to raise awareness about and serve people experiencing homelessness in Philadelphia. Her desire is to take 21 Days of Love to a new level if she is voted as Homecoming Queen.

Lorae Bonamy left Her Campus with an endearing quote to remember: “The girl with a smile goes the extra mile.”

To find out more about Lorae Bonamy please visit her website