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Campus Celebrity: Janesha Bull, Fashion Trendsetter

You’ll never see Janesha Bull in sweatpants. In fact, when she was younger, she never even owned a pair. Thanks to her mom’s fashion advice and inspiration, Janesha takes every day as the opportunity to dress her best by showing off her style. She describes her style as “versatile and chic.”

As a sophomore journalism major dreaming of being a fashion or lifestyle magazine writer, Janesha takes college fashion to a new level. She believes being stylish and fashionable means being able to pull of a variety of styles. From booties, to scarves, to dresses, Janesha has the ability to do it all.

“Some days I’m street chic and will throw on a cute sneaker. Others, I’m feeling more than fabulous so then I’m sophisticated chic and have a trench coat on with riding boots,” she explained.

Janesha found her love of fashion and clothing from her mom. Her mother always taught her to look better than she feels, and then she will feel better. Her mom’s inspiration has lead Janesha to be brave and courageous in her style, by mixing colors, patterns, textures, and more. To Janesha, fashion is a way to express your confidence and personality.

“I live to be fabulous, I live to look my best and carry myself the best way I can. Life is definitely your runway,” she said.

While so many college students have leggings and a sweatshirt as their go-to clothing, Janesha goes for a stylish approach. “My favorite go-to piece would have to be a jean shirt because you can wear it in so many ways. You can wear it with a jacket, on its own, under a jacket, open with a shirt under, layer it with a sweater and jacket, there’s just so many ways to wear and accessories it,” she said.

The good news is, you can achieve Janesha’s flawless style due to the glorious app we all know and love, Pinterest. She says that is her place to run to when she’s looking for style ideas. “I can type in any mood, ‘fall outfits with booties,’ or ‘sweater outfits for night time,’ and it will show so many different options,” Janesha says. “It helps a lot because it just sparks so many ideas.”

In her spare time Janesha vlogs on her newly created YouTube channel, where she films hair and beauty tutorials. She also talks about life and the college experience to help fellow students. On her blog, Janesha writes about relationships, friendships, fashion and motivation, and would love to be a very successful blogger in her career.

“I just love fashion. It really is a centerpiece in my life, and I also focus a lot on self-love and just living mentally healthy, so I just try to reach as many people as I can through my writing and my vlogs,”

Janesha is also a member of Black Student Union, and recently signed a contract to write a newsletter for the organization to cover events and the weekly meetings that are held.

Trying to live a classy, Blair Waldorf-like lifestyle filled with coffee in the morning, wine at night, and macaroons in between.
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