Broadway on a Budget

Tired of going to the movies? Yeah, me too.

Instead, try doing something a little ~outside of the box.~ By “outside of the box,” I really just mean going to see a musical, which really shoudln’t be that abnormal. However, for college students, a musical outing is almost unheard of. 

This is probably because Broadway isn’t cheap. And, well, we’re college students.

However, below I’ve listed some affordable shows that you should (and CAN) go see on your college budget.

  1. 1. “Mean Girls”

    “She doesn't even go here.” Yes. We all know the iconic lines from the 2004 hit movie. I'm sure that everyone has seen this movie at least ten times. If you weren't in love with the movie then, you’re sure to love this movie even more in this fantastic musical that tells the story of your favorite girls. Cady, played by Erika Henningsen, is certain to make everyone laugh and smile. The music and talent are unbelievable in this clever recreation of the classic “Mean Girls” movie.

    Find tickets for the showing at the Kimmel Center Academy of Music online at Kimmel starting at just $20!

    Located at:

    The Academy of Music

    240 S Broad St.

    Philadelphia, PA 19102


  2. 2. “Dear Evan Hansen”

    This musical tells the story of a young boy in high school who has anxiety and learns how to connect and relate to people in his life. He also takes the journey in finding himself in the world. This show is incredibly brilliant and will make you tear up with how emotional it is. This musical is guaranteed to melt your heart with its amazing music that has strong, meaningful lyrics.

    The cheapest tickets start at around $42 on

    Located at:

    Music Box Theatre New York

    239 West 45th Street, New York, 10036

    P.S. it is coming to the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia in April 2020!!

  3. 3. “Come from Away”

    This musical is based on the true story of 9/11 in which 38 planes landed in the isolated community of Gander after the attack took place. This small community took the 7,000 stranded passengers under their roof. This musical focuses on the emotional impact of this tragic incident, and how a community of people work together to keep these people hopeful and happy. It shines light on how people can come together in times of trouble.

    Tickets starting at just $49.00 on


    Located at:

    Schoenfeld Theatre

    236 West 45th Street

    New York, NY 10036


  4. 4. “Beetlejuice”

    This comedy/horror movie has taken stage in its brand-new rendition. It tells the story of Lydia Deetz, a strange and unusual teenager, who discovers that she's living with a diseased couple and a crazy character named Beetlejuice. This hilarious musical is must-see if you’re in need of a good laugh!

    Tickets starting at just $59.00 on

    Located at:

    Winter Garden Theatre

    1634 Broadway

    New York, NY 10019


  5. 5. “Waitress”

    Based on the 2007 film, “Waitress” tells the story of Jenna, a pregnant woman, dealing with a rough marriage and making ends meet by putting her heart into making delicious desserts, specifically pies. It's a super uplifting musical guaranteed to make you sing the songs way after the show is over. Plus, Jordan Sparks is now playing the lead!

    Tickets starting at $54.00 on

    Located at:

    Brooks Atkinson Theatre

    256 West 47th Street

    New York, NY 10036

Now, here are some ways you can save money:

1. Broadway

This site requires you to pay just $49-59 dollars (depending on the day), and it picks the show that you are going to see. The site includes all of the major musicals and plays currently on Broadway in Manhattan. You simply pick the date and the site randomly picks the show. You can cross out up to five shows that you definitely do not want to see, and whether you want to see a musical or play. You are guaranteed to see something with amazing seats that give you a good view of the stage.

2. Playing a lottery

A website called “Broadway for Broke People” displays the different shows that are up for lottery at the moment, and lets you choose which ones you want to enter. These tickets are usually $30-40 dollars for adults. However, a lot of shows often have a student rush discount which ranges from $20-30 dollars! The site gives you dates and times in which you will be able to go see the show. There are a ton of sites that offer lottery giveaways. A specific theatre location will also give out lotteries in the street! Hamilton has been known to do this often due to its popularity.

3. Going to TKTS

Physically going early in the morning to the TKTS building in Times Square is often the right thing to do. In the morning, they discount their seats that haven’t been bought yet at a low price compared to their regular priced tickets. Although they have select musicals and plays available, you are almost certain to find something great for a low price. In this case, sometimes waiting until last minute is in your favor!

Whether in New York or Philadelphia, there are several affordable ways to watch theatre!