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Broad City Recap 2/18

During the opening scene, we are entered into a fantasy world in which Abbi and Ilana are both rock star drummers playing at a large stadium for thousands of people. We are soon informed that they are actually playing at a small music shop in New York and are being so much of a nuisance that they are asked to leave immediately.

Back home, the two Jewesses are figure out watch to watch on cable, but when Ilana brings up the dog wedding that they are supposed to go to later today, they decide to watch the evite instead. Soon they are completely swept up in the digital world of their laptops, to which they associate with The Matrix. The moment they started to skype each other because they forgot they were in the same room was the moment they decided to ease up on the use of technology.

So they decide to go to the dog wedding without their phones to prevent them from being swept up into digital reality again, but not before Lincoln calls to remind Ilana to bring the wedding rings. Ilana tells them that their safely on Abbi’s toes, and the two girls find a pair of rollerblades, leave their phones on the table and head to Central Park for the dog wedding.

When Abbi and Ilana arrive, they realize that they have no idea where the party actually is, and without their phones to give them a direct location, they’re completely lost. Still, they agree not to give up and if their ancestors can find a nation, they can find a dog wedding.

While skating along, Abbi and Ilana run into a group of males playing soccer, to which Ilana calls this moment “Tinder I.R.L. (In Real Life).” The ball is eventually kicked over to them and Abbi cutely yells, “I got it!” As she attempts to kick the ball in her roller blades, she manages to kick it but falls flat on her back.

As they ride along, Abbi realizes that her flirting skills are more suited for the online world instead of real life. Ilana tries to comfort her, but as they ride down a hill they realize that they’re going faster and faster. Ilana decides to bail and jumps into the grass while Abbi rolls uncontrollably into the woods. When revealed again, we see Abbi stuck in a giant whole with a swollen and twisted ankle. Because neither of them have their phones they can’t call for help, so Ilana decides to find the dog wedding to get help from her brother and Lincoln. 

Samantha is a Communications Studies transfer at Temple University. She has an obsession for Slam Poetry/Spoken Word, YouTube videos and, the obvious, Netflix. In her spare time she also enjoys writing scripts, short stories and has also made contributions to Femsplain.com. She hopes to continue her love for writing, especially media content, to Her Campus and wait to find in niche in life.
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