The Best Temple-Themed Gifts for Everyone on Your List

The holidays are upon us again, which means it’s time to buy gifts for your loved ones. What better way than with Temple-themed gifts? You don’t have time to galavant around malls, it’s finals season. So here is the ultimate Temple Holiday Gift Guide, straight from the bookstore in the SAC:

1. For mom

“Ceramic Mom Mug” ($12.95)

This super cute, red Temple U Mom mug is perfect for any mom with a coffee/tea addiction that doesn’t want a cheesy “Temple Mom” tee.

2. For dad

“Temple Legacy Adjustable Hat” ($21.98)

What’s more dad than a dad hat? Absolutely nothing, and yours will love this black cap with red embroidery.

3. For your brother

“Under Armour Short Sleeve Tee” ($29.98)

This gray ‘Respect My Squad’ t-shirt is made for #bros.

4. For your sister

“Red Shirt Women’s Fleece Quarter Zip” ($49.98)

Nothing says sisterly love like gifting your sis her own Temple quarter zip so she’ll stop stealing yours.

5. For your alumni relative

“Jansport Tee Shirt” ($19.98)

This red t-shirt will allow the TU alum in your life to rep the best school on earth forever and ever.

6. For your friend who loves to party

“Temple Shot Glass” ($4.99)

This sleek black shot glass is perfect for your friend who’s always down for a good TU turn up.

7. For your friend who loves ugly Christmas sweaters

“Champion Ugly Holiday Crew Sweatshirt” ($34.98)

This Temple-themed red, black, and white ugly sweater will definitely be a winner in any ugly sweater contest. *shudders*

8. For your aspiring lawyer friend

“Jansport Ezee Quarter Zip” ($54.98)

Elle Woods, is that you? This gray quarter zip will have the soon-to-be lawyer in your life looking professional AF.

9. For your friend who loves sports

“Barnes and Noble Champion Football Sweatshirt” ($36.98)

Back-to-back division championships means the sports fan in your life will be sporting this red Temple Football hoodie loud and proud.

10. For your friend who’s always at the gym

“32 Oz Tritan Widemouth Water Bottle” ($16.98)

The key to staying fit is staying hydrated, and the workout junkie in your life can get all the H2O they need while also repping TU.

11. For your boyfriend

“Nike Fly Short” ($39.98)

For reasons I will never understand, boys love shorts all year round and these black Nike ones are perfect for the special guy in your life.

12. For your girlfriend

“Redshirt Blair Tank” ($27.98)

This red tank will make your lady look even more fab than she already does, if that’s even possible.

13. For your roommate

“Temple Legacy Adjustable Hat” ($21.98)

This gray hat with the cutest owl perched on the T is a great gift for the person you’ve been sharing a shoebox with for 4 months.

14. For the future Owl

“Infant Bodysuit” ($21.98)

Give the littlest human in your life a not-so-subtle hint at where they should go to college with this adorable red onesie. It’s never too early!

15. For your friend who’s always cold

“Logofit Polar Knit Headband” ($14.98)

For the person in your life who’s always complaining about how cold they are, this cute headband will keep their ears warm so they have one less thing to complain about.

16. For yourself

“Temple University Wool Threads Crew” ($64.98)

There is nothing cuter to #treatyoself with after surviving finals than this white wool crewneck. We LOVE.

What are you waiting for? Bring this list with you to the SAC and get shopping. And may your days be CHERRY and WHITE!