The Best Accessories to Complete Any Outfit

Many people assume that one must give up comfort for fashion, but guess what? You can look your best and still be super comfortable while doing it! Adding accessories to an outfit is the simplest trick to making it look more fashionable than it actually is. Whether you’re rocking your favorite pair of joggers or leggings, these trendy accessories are sure to make your outfit pop!

  1. 1. The Chunky Chain Necklace

    Lately, chunky jewelry has made its way into the street style of many of our favorite celebrities and fashion influencers. Simple necklaces will always be in my heart, but when it comes to making a basic outfit look not so basic, the chunkier the better. Adding a chunky necklace to your sweats and t-shirt look will not only create a hint of fashion, but it creates the illusion that you are trying without taking up too much of your time.

  2. 2. Hoops, Please!

    Hoops have the instant power to make you look fashionable and edgy, regardless of the type of ‘fit you’re rocking. From small hoops to big hoops, they are all essential to introduce to your jewelry collection. Not only do hoops frame any face perfectly, they increase your outfit’s potential drastically.

  3. 3. “Belt” – Travis Scott

    Do you want to wear your favorite jeans for the third time this week? Yes, you do. But don’t worry, belts are your best friend when it comes to switching up your look in the same pair of jeans. Lately, my favorite belt has been the chain belt, but if you want to keep a more casual look, an animal print belt is a must.

  4. 4. Bag, Bag, Bag

    No matter what you wear, everything can look as extra as you want if you add a bag. Also, the convenience factor of a bag is hard to beat! You can carry that lip gloss you apply every ten seconds – you know the one – and your phone and keys, of course. Small bags are super convenient to carry around, and so cute!

If you want to rock a cozy outfit, but still make it fashion, these accessory items are your go to! The best way to spice up any ‘fit is to make it pop with accessories, and by doing so, your outfit will show your personality so much more!