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Alex Schmucker ’12

If you've had the pleasure of attending one of Temple's Rugby matches, chances are Alex Schmucker caught your eye. The tall blonde-hair-blue-eyed stud dominates on the field. His friendly personality, humorous ways and contagious smile only add to his adorable charm. With big goals and dreams for his future in film, this guy's a keeper ladies. 
Full Name:Alex Schmucker
Major:Film and Media Arts

Hometown:Lancaster (that's Lang-kissed-her, get it right)
Favorite Band:Dispatch
Favorite Movie:Star Wars
Position he plays on the Rugby team:2nd Row. If you've ever seen a game, I'm one of the guys that gets thrown up in the air by teammates to catch the ball.
Favorite aspect of Rugby:Gettin' down and dirty.
Relationship Status:Single
What he looks for in a girl: Charisma.
If they have that extra spark about their personality it's hard for me to resist.
Ideal date:I’m easy, pretty much any outdoor activity where we can break the ice. Romantic dinner dates are weird especially right off the bat. 
What he likes to do in his free time:Spend time with friends and watch anything on HBO.
Where he see's himself in ten years:Behind the desk of my own office in my own successful business.

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