African Fashion On The Rise

Generally when we think of fashion we think of destinations like Paris, Japan, or New York. But is it far fetched to think of Africa as a country that is on the rise in fashion greatness? Absolutely not! African fashion cannot be easily defined because the African culture is not similar across all of the countries, languages, ethnic groups, and traditions. The upcoming fashion scene in Africa helps to promote social change by promoting retail manufacturing. Each country that is within Africa is enriched with craftsmanship and tradition. African fashion tells a visual story that is prevalent in the designs and the clothing that the designers make.


The Fashion Industry Presents Nigeria

Nigerian fashion has the potential to drive the Nigerian economy because it is all the rage for Nigerian natives to wear clothing by Nigerian designers. The introduction of Nigeria onto the fashion platform could diversify the Nigerian economy and growth of employment. Investment and connections will allow the industry to have a major impact on the Nigerian economy.

Who's Wearing Who

Nigeria is one of Africa’s flourishing fashion countries that are gaining a lot of momentum. Designers such as Duro Olowu, Maki Oh, and Jewel by Lisa are a few names that are gracing the catwalk and gaining traction with celebrities such as Beyoncé and first lady Michelle Obama. Fashion week in Nigeria is a smashing outlet for artists to sell their brands and attracts a large amount of attention from the press. Online retail stores serve as another venue for sales and consumer attraction. There are a number of local boutiques and online shops that are eager to carry Nigerian designers. In fact British retail stores such ASOS now deliver to Nigeria.

A Splash of Nigeria in Your Wardrobe

Fashion is always evolving. It is no secret that the majority of our wardrobe is recycled from different time periods such the 80’s and the good old jean jackets of the 90’s. Here at Her Campus Temple, we challenge you to rock something from another country. Redefine the definition of being “different” by implementing a few of Nigeria’s fashion into your day-to-day wardrobe such as bold prints or earthy jewelry.