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Advice To Shy College Students From a Shy College Student

Although I have grown a lot and learned to get more involved, there are still moments where I feel discouraged because I am generally a pretty quiet person.

In college, usually my first instinct is to not want to be social and to just stay where I’m comfortable. However, we all know that college is a place where you really get pushed out of your comfort zone.

For someone who likes to keep to myself, this can be a big struggle. Especially if a professor wants active participation in class discussion, it can be hard for me to speak up.  

The most important idea to keep in mind though is that it’s okay to be shy. For a while, I stopped myself from reaching the potential that I had because I limited myself. The moment that I realized that it’s okay to be shy I let go of these limitations. I got more involved on campus and gained the experiences that I needed and will need for my future career in journalism.

It’s still an ongoing process but college has changed me in many different ways. With that being said, there are a couple things I advise with trying to break free from your shyness. 

Get involved as much as you can:

There is nothing wrong with being shy but realize that it is also still important to use college as an opportunity for growth. College can be challenging but it is also an amazing way to branch out and to put yourself out there.

When I first started college, it was hard to figure out which clubs to join and how to be involved on campus because it is not easy for me to put myself out there and meet new people. I felt like I was alone and everyone else was super sociable and super talkative.

You’re not alone:

There are other students who also have trouble meeting new people and becoming involved on campus. Don’t use this as a limitation, but instead use it as motivation to become more involved and to meet people who share common interests.  

Find your way of communication:

Whether it’s through music, writing, or anything else that you are passionate about, use that as a way of communicating with the world. This is the best way to find other students who share your interests and to find clubs that fit these interests.

Although this is easier said than done for someone who is on the quiet side, it’s so important to never limit yourself and your potential. I found my voice through writing and that has helped me majorly in being more social and wanting to be more involved. Being a journalism major, it can feel discouraging sometimes to not be very vocal because often times it requires you to be this way. The reason why I chose this career though, is because I want to go out of my comfort zone and I want to communicate with others through my writing.  

Once again, there is nothing wrong with being shy but don’t limit yourself if there is something that you want to achieve in life and always strive for your dreams.

It can be really difficult sometimes to be shy in college. Between the many different social aspects of college it can all be overwhelming. I was overwhelmed for so long until I started taking small steps towards finding my voice. Remember that your voice matters and college is an amazing tool for growth.

Hi! My name is Emma Lillianthal! I am a Temple University Journalism student and I love to write!
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