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The Adjustment Bureau: A Movie Review

  I automatically knew I wanted to see The Adjustment Bureau the second I saw Matt Damon and Emily Blunt on the cover of the movie poster. I was one of the hundred students who got a ticket to see an advanced movie screening at Temple University before it hits theaters Friday, March 4th.

With the combined drama from Inception and romance from The Time Traveler’s WifeThe Adjustment Bureau is a must-see movie of 2011.

Damon and Blunt’s on-screen affection and chemistry is bound to make you say, “They are so cute!” at least five times during the movie. Apart from their love connection, be prepared for the roller coaster ride this movie takes you on. From the funny to the thrilling moments, there will be more surprises than those revealed in the theatrical trailer.  

        If the trailer makes the movie look confusing, think again. If you are like me and have to ask your friend a lot of questions during a movie about what is going on, don’t worry. All the confusing parts are explained in the characters’ dialogues.

        Will it be your fate or free will (or maybe the price of the movie ticket) that determines whether or not you watch the movie? You decide!


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