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Activewear Is Not Just for Being Active

Activewear has recently become very popular to implement into everyday style. A lot of women shy away from activewear because of the association that comes with it. But, activewear has recently been worn by all different walks of life, and we’ve seen a lot of variations by many brands. It is definitely a comfortable style that can add color, help you feel confident, and be mixed and matched in a number of ways. The notion that activewear isn’t acceptable to wear if you aren’t actually active is wrong. Activewear has been one of my favorite additions to my wardrobe, and has transformed other people’s casual style as well.

Activewear is making a big appearance. Not only is it an easy way to look trendy and expand your everyday looks, but it is also a great movement that showcases body inclusivity. A lot of brands have been incorporating all different shapes and sizes to generate positivity and make all women feel beautiful and included. Activewear can give you more confidence by enhancing your look and making you embrace the whole you.

The narrative of beauty continues to expand in the fashion industry, and activewear is no exception. It’s purpose has widened and is starting to be worn all the time. Activewear has taken on its own movement in the world of fashion and is rapidly evolving. As we see trends from the past making appearances, activewear is also right out of the 70’s. The bright colors can definitely be exciting and are popular to wear out and about! As comfort has become a huge part of today’s style, athleisure has been a great way of elevating your look and accentuating your body in a way your most comfy oversized sweatpants can’t.

There have also been many celebrity endorsements. Stars like Beyonce, Selena Gomez, Kate Hudson, Carrie Underwood, and Julianne Hough are the big ones that have gained a lot of circulation around different types of athletic wear because of their big names. Activewear is one of the ways that the fashion industry is able to promote healthy habits, and even if you don’t usually work out, activewear may be a cool way to motivate you to start with something small, like taking a walk.

Another benefit of activewear is that while it is fashionable, it is also such an adaptable style choice. It’s perfect for all types of weather and many different scenarios, and while it is not usually associated with a dressed up look, adding some jewelry and cute sneakers can make it a cute, upgraded street style. With this said, it’s combination with street style has really made the activewear industry flourish. Some of the recent trends we have seen are biker shorts. I mean, how many directions can a trend go?

Fun, colorful, confident are all associated with activewear. Do not feel intimidated; go out there and get motivated. Be a part of the comfortable trend and let your body shine. Maybe on your next Target run, treat yourself to some cute sports bras and feel great while on the move, or at home. Maybe try a monochromatic activewear combo with your favorite color to brighten up your day for a change. Stepping into comfort will have you feeling good throughout the day. It is always important to promote self care and an active lifestyle, starting with things that make you feel your best!

Alice is a staff writer for HerCampus at Temple University. She is an advertising major, has an adventurous soul, and is always up for exploration. The fashion world excites her and she has a huge passion for traveling. She loves meeting new people and is always looking to embrace new cultures. Alice wears her heart on her sleeve, dives into new things headfirst with a smile so don't hesitate to reach out especially if you want to talk fashion!
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