8 Summer Road Trip Essentials

There’s nothing quite like a summer road trip; windows down, sun shining, there’s nothing better. Whether you’re headed down the shore, upstate, or cross-country with your besties or your bae, we’ve got you covered on what to pack. Here are your 8 summer road trip essentials:

1. A ~fire~ playlist

A road trip isn’t a road trip without good music, so make sure to update your playlist with all the new summer bangers (a.k.a I’m The One by DJ Khaled with Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, Quavo, and Lil Wayne) before you hit the road and grab the aux. Bonus points if you make a mixtape/CD.

2. Toothbrush (and toothbrush protector)

While a toothbrush may seem obvious, having a toothbrush protector may not, but it’s definitely essential to keeping your teeth cleaner free from hair and other gunk. Steripod is our favorite brand because it lasts for 3 months and uses thymol, found in most mouthwashes, to release active vapors that keep it #fresh in between uses.

3. Travel size deodorant

When you’re short on space, travel sized items come in clutch. This travel sized deodorant from Secret comes in 11 fragrances (we recommend Cool Waterlily) and keeps you smelling good for 48 hours. Perfect for when you have to skip a shower (or two).

4. Eyebrow pencil/gel


Always have to keep the eyebrows looking #fleeky, even after driving 12 hours in one day. We’ve been loving the essence cosmetics Eyebrow Designer because the clear wax keeps the brows in place all day and is super quick and easy to apply.

5. Your favorite Simply Summer’s Eve products

Even though showers are not always readily available during road trips, it’s important to keep your lady parts fresh and clean. The new Simply Summer’s Eve products help you do just that; they’re gentle, free from harsh chemicals, made from simple ingredients and help maintain a natural pH. The new Simply line has cleansing clothes and a foaming cleanser so they have you covered, no matter your preference. They also smell incredible, which is always a plus.

For when you’re kickin it by the beach, poolside, or in the passenger seat. These koozies will keep your hands free from can sweat, make your drink 10x more instagrammable, and are available on the HerCampus shop, so what’s not to love?

7. Your favorite snacks

Saved the best for last. Just kidding (kind of). But seriously, no road trip is complete without snacks, so whether you prefer salty, sweet, or both, make sure you’re stacked before you head off on your grand adventure.

8. A good book

Staring out the window can get boring very fast, so having a good book on hand is essential. Our recommendation is White Fur by Jardin Libaire, a story about two star-crossed lovers in 1980s NYC. It’s Romeo and Juliet meets Sex in The City, and it’s so good you won’t want to put it down.

Happy summer and happy #roadtripping collegiates!