8 Must-Have Products This Spring

Although it’s hard to believe, spring weather is heading in our direction (at least we think so?), so we rounded up a few essentials all collegiettes need to prep for springtime activities.

1. Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Towelettes, L'Oreal

No time for sunburns this spring! Get a head start on your tan with some self-tanning towelettes. These are the perfect way to be golden bronze without the mess or artificial color. Besides the fact that tanning beds are *horrible* for your skin, it’s not practical for the typical college student to be able to afford the costly expense of a tanning bed. Using L’Oreal’s trusted tanning products will give anyone an affordable glow. Not to mention it’s not as messy as sprays or lotions. 

2. Moisturizing Hawaiian Green Tea Sunscreen, Alba Botanica

Duh! Keep your skin soft and protected by using Alba Botanica's 100 percent vegetarian, water resistant, and antioxidant-infused sunscreen. Sunkissed (not burnt) skin is in! And this sunscreen is super-luxe and keeps your skin healthy and moisturized no matter what you put it through.

3. Va Va Plump Liquid Lipstick, Buxom Cosmetics

Luscious, colorful lips are in! Brighten up any spring or summer outfit with a pop of lip color. Not only do Buxom lip products have a tingly plumping formula to bring your lips to its fullest plump potential, but their pretty shades will last all day in the sun or during the school day. Trying a deep purple or pink this season will match this year’s lipstick trends of matte, bold shades.

4. Krazy Glue

Krazy Glue may seem out of place but, it’ll come in handy when you least expect it. Going on any wild trips this year? Make sure you have some extra-hold Krazy Glue! You never know when a strap of a heel or some mistake is going to happen with all the exploring and partying, make sure you go off prepared this year.

5. Meet Your Squad Eyeshadow Palettes, Almay

Buying a small palette is much better than dumping loads of money on a clunky brand eyeshadow palette. Half the time, you’re going to end up using 4 colors at most and not being able to squeeze it in your suitcase. Almay’s Meet Your Squad palettes come in a variety of shades that fit every shade and personality.

6. Frankie’s Bikinis

Swimsuit time is right around the corner, it’s time to invest in the perfect bathing suit. Although most of us are still in denial that Victoria Secret still hasn’t come back with a swimsuit line, there still is hope. Fight the battles of being insecure on the beach with feeling good by looking good in one of Frankie’s Bikinis. You can cop your favorite type of bikini in any style imaginable. From edgy to bohemian Frankie’s has got everyone covered. Check out the new “Babe Brigade” line for some stylish looks.

7. Retro Cat-Eye Sunglasses, Urban Outfitters

The little things can really make the difference. Many celebrities have been rocking the retro look this past year with funky sunglass, why can’t you? Try your favorite color shade for a more unique pop of color in your wardrobe. If you’re afraid to try something new, go into the store and try out a few pairs before picking a shape and shade. This is a fun and inexpensive way to amp your style this Spring.

8. “Get Twisted” and “Superstar”, Bed Head by TIGI

Once the heat starts rolling in, hair gets frizzy and flat. Get a head start and order Bed Head’s “Get Twisted” anti-frizz spray and “Superstar” thickening spray. Beat the humidity, wind, or any weather twist and turns that the season may bring you with quality products that are sure to do the trick.

––Olivia Falcone