7 Ways to Make Home Feel Like "Away” Over Spring Break

With winter still in full swing on the East Coast, things can look a bit bleak for anyone not escaping to a tropical paradise for spring break. But home can feel just as tropical with the right products, so here are 7 essentials to help home feel like “away” over spring break:

1.     Self-tanning towelettes

If you can’t actually lay out somewhere beautiful, #FakeItTillYouMakeIt with these super easy to use towelettes from L’Oreal Paris. #ProTip: use them daily until you reach your ideal level of tan and then use 1-2 times a week to keep looking #flawless.

2. Tropical themed clothing/jewelry

            Dressing like you’re on an island will definitely help you feel the island ~vibes~. This pineapple bracelet from Juicy Couture is subtle with just a hint of tropical and perfect to wear everyday so you always got some island ~vibes~ with you.

3. The perfect planner & matching markers

            Let’s be real: spring break does not always mean a break from stress or school work like it should, but having a cute planner and matching markers make staying on top of your game way more enjoyable. Plus, you could use the markers for something fun afterwards, like an adult coloring book. Nothin’ says vacation quite like coloring your stress away.

4. Tablets to keep your lady parts happy

            UTIs and other urinary pains suck a lot and often arise during the absolute worst times, like when you’re on spring break. These tablets from Cystex will help ease your pain and treat your infections so you can get back to having fun ASAP

5. New lipstick

            Spring break is the perfect time to #treatyoself and there’s nothing better than a new lipstick (or gloss) that’s #poppin and #cool (shout out Missy Elliot). Charlotte Tillbury’s new Hot Lips lipsticks will keep your pout looking insta-worthy all break long.

6. A good read

            There’s nothing quite like lying on a beach reading your favorite book or magazine but for now your couch will have to do. #ActuallySheCan is a campaign that aims to start a movement and important dialogue around modern female empowerment, celebrating young women and their ambitions, and their success issue is the perfect spring break read to inspire you.

7. Tropical smelling beauty products

            The only better than being in paradise is smelling like paradise because while we can’t always be in paradise, we can always smell like it. This dry shampoo from Freeman Beauty will keep your hair looking fresh and smelling good even when you skip a wash.

Have a safe and happy spring break collegiates!