7 Things To Do in Philadelphia During Spring Break

Well guys our “spring” break is officially here and even though the weather is slowly starting to change, we still experience some of the harsh winter. Since this year’s winter seems to be all over the place with what the weather will be, some of us may not be so sure how to spend our break.

Many of us will be heading home to our families but a majority of us will also want to stay in Philly. 

1.       Take a trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

On their website, the PMA has a list of events on their calendar. Listed below is the name, the time and the cost of these events which range between families to young adults. On Wednesday March 2nd, they even have their own special yoga starting at late in the afternoon.

2.       Shop in Center City.

Many of the clothes stores are right around the corner from each other. Spend the day going from one clothes store to the other with a couple friends to get some clothes and accessories for spring.

3.       Visit the Magic Gardens.

This marvelous art environment attracts thousands. Doesn’t matter what time of the year; people are eager to explore this unique spot located on South Street.

4.       Hang around South Street.

From shops to restaurants to bars, this small area has a lot to do. It’s the perfect place to go to on a gorgeous sunny day.

5.       Treat yourself at the bar.

For all my friends who are 21 and over, why not reward yourself from all your hard work with a couple drinks? Philly has a ton of bar hopping places to entertain yourself in. Just remember to drink responsibility.

6.       Go to the Philadelphia Flower Show.

Staring on Saturday, March 5th, The Flower Show will be held. The event will take place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center located on 12th and Arch St. throughout the week.

7.       Kick back and relax?

No one said you had to go anymore or do much to enjoy yourself. You can always stay in, chill in your pajamas and watch Netflix all day.