6 Ways to Power Through the Mid-Semester Slump

As the days go on, there comes a point in the semester where students grow frustrated and exhausted
of the overload of assignments and papers they’re given. During this time of the year, it seems like there 
are endless amounts of homework the complete. It can be hard to stay calm during the height of 
midterms, papers, and essays, but here are some steps to help you power through the mid-semester 
1. Breathe and relax:  
Freaking out over everything you need to complete will most likely make you lose focus and 
procrastinate on your assignments. Just take a deep breath and slowly look over everything that 
needs to be done. 
2. Make a List: 
My dad always told me that for the week you should write down what you need to do and the 
days you need to finish or hand things in. Having this list or little assignment book on you will 
help keep things on track. 
3. Do the Easy Work First: 
When given multiple assignments, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Unless a difficult 
assignment is due on an earlier date, do the simple ones first to get them out of the way so 
you’ll have more time to focus on the complex assignments. 
4. Squeeze in Some Fun:
Your grades are a top priority, but it’s important to make sure you’re not spending the days 
away locked up in the library or the tech center. Make sure you plan a schedule where you can 
get what you need done, but also have some time to relax, watch some Netflix, or hang with 
your friends. Squeezing in exercise at the gym can also help you reenergize. Carving out time to 
recharge is important for your mental health.
5. Seek Guidance:
If you’re stuck on something, Temple offers multiple resources for students get help. Tutors are 
available in virtually every subject, so if you’re struggling, schedule a tutoring appointment. Your 
professors are there as well – office hours DO exist for a reason.  As a last-case resort, you can 
also ask your friends to help you with one of your classes. 
6. Don’t Overthink:
This is something that almost all of us do on daily basis but when it comes to midterms, finals, or 
even just an extra amount of assignments, we all let these things get to our head. We get scared 
or insecure of passing and stress ourselves out. Just calm down and try not to let your thoughts 
get to you. If you feel uneasy or confused, there is always something or someone there to make 
sure you pass.