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5 of Temple’s Best Hang Out Spots

While Temple University is located in a large city and campus can be rather crowded during the weekdays, there are still an abundance of places for students to sit and relax. I asked students their favorite places to drink coffee, do homework, or just hang out. Here are the ultimate hang out spots at Temple:

1.The Bell Tower

Every day something exciting happens here. There are fundraisers, club events, performances, contests, pep rallies, promotions, and other events that catch students’ attention. We even get to hear the man who stands out there all day preaching about Jesus. Yeah, that can be a pain to deal with, but there are enough other happening at The Bell Tower to prevent something like from spoiling your time there. A huge crowd can easily form here, whether something is going on or people are just hanging out in the tower with friends on a nice day.

2.Beury Beach

Located right next to the Bell Tower and across Paley Library, Beury Beach sits in the best location. Even during the harsh winter days you’ll see students hanging out on the colorful beach chairs sitting with their peers or doing homework. It’s also a popular area for people to show off their talents such as singing, playing an instrument, or presenting their artwork.

3.The Tech Center

Surprisingly, many of the students I asked their feedback on mentioned how much they like spending time at the Tech. There’ arehundreds of computers located in multiple rooms for students to study and fill out their work. While the Tech gets crowded pretty easily, it’s more convenient than the library if there isn’t a wait to use a computer. Starbucks is located on the first floor, so all the coffee lovers have a nice place for a study break.

4.Morgan Hall Courtyard

Morgan is the latest dorm building to be added to Temple University. With 24 floors in the side designated for upperclassmen and 11 floors for freshman, Morgan is a popular choice for Temple students to live in. In between the two buildings, there are tables and chairs for eating, benches, and plenty of green space. Students can be seen playing Frisbee in the courtyard, bringing their food outdoors from the dining hall, or just sitting and relaxing.

5.The Burrow

While not too many people are aware of this hidden place, it’s great space for community building. It’s recognized for multicultural diversity and social justice. They even have their own Twitter account @TUAdvocacy for people to follow. 

I'm a senior at Temple University. I've worked with Her Campus for over two years and have been a staff writer, campus life and news editor, and opinion editor. When I'm not working on my writing, I'm usually out exploring Phildelphia. I also enjoy drawing, taking pictures of interesting scenery, and listening to music. Follow me on Instagram @raayyychell and Twitter @rachelameliaaa.
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