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The 5 Stages of Introducing Your College Friends to Hometown Friends

What’s the biggest difference between college friends and friends from back home? Your high school friends watched you grow through your awkward phase––and choose to love you anyway.

Ah, who else remembers those four-hour landline calls to each other’s houses until one of your mom’s kicked you off, getting matching ear piercings for the first time at Claire’s in the mall, or addressing each other as Mrs. _____ (fill in the blank to whatever boy was the cutest boy in the eighth grade class at the time).

And your college friends? They watch you awake at 8:00a.m. after your blackout, hit you with the ibuprofen and Gatorade, and then reminisce about all the embarrassing stuff you pulled the night before over brunch––and choose to love you anyway.

So what happens when you mix the two groups? Will it feel like a weird, fictional crossover episode? Or will they mix as well as Malibu and pineapple juice seem to?

Stage 1: A Strange Encounter

So, you all decided to come together during spring break – whether that be somewhere luxurious like a resort or some not-so-glorious excursion like a trip to your hometown diner. At first meetings things can get very, very awkward.

You think to yourself: Will my future bachelorette party just be cringe-worthy side hugs and high-pitched fake screaming? It’s hard to remember that these people, though not strangers to you, are strangers to each other.

Stage 2: A Very Confused College Friend

Since she’s probably missed, like, half of your life, your high school friends are going to have to catch her up, but don’t expect her to keep track of every milestone and every past flame.

Her: Which guy is bad one again? Was it Joey or Jeff? I forget.

Them: BOTH! 

Don’t worry. She’ll get there.

Stage 3: At last!

So, about 30 minutes into hanging out you all realize that Hometown Sara and College Katie are basically the same human. And then everyone else starts to click too. Before you know it you’re exchanging ALL types of personal stories and laughing hysterically about how unbelievably strange it is that someone you didn’t know was living such a similar life.  

Stage 4: There is now a group text which, typically, goes something like this:


B: Guys. I just saw a guy on Penn State’s campus that looks exactly like the guy I hooked up with when I visited at Temple. Help.

C: So, when’s our next break so we can all reunite?

Stage 5: You realize that you had nothing to worry about because, chances are, if you love them and they love you, they’re going to love each other.

Soon enough you’ll all stop arguing which is worse – tequila hangovers or those self-cut bangs from fifth-grade picture day because, chances are, your hometown friends or your college friends won’t be able to choose. They’re both horrendous.


Morgan Sullivan is a second year communications major at Temple University. She enjoys giving life advice, working out at the gym, and food that is birthday cake flavored. She is the editor of the opinion section at HCTU and hopes you like what she has to say. 
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