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5 Nail Polish Colors You Need to Wear This Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

Now that we’re well into fall, we’ve reached a point where we must put away the bright, neon colors for a while and embrace the deeper and darker tones of the season. As with every outfit, a fresh manicure is always a great way to complete a look. For those of you who may be indecisive or unsure of what route to take in terms of your next nail color change, here is a list of five unique nail polishes that are guaranteed to make your fall mani stand out.

1. OPI “Black Cherry Chutney”

This color is one of my absolute go-to polishes for this season. From far away, the color looks as if it is nearly black; yet up-close, the true color is a dark purple with both cherry red and black undertones. It also has a nice hint of shimmer when the light hits it. This polish definitely gives off some vampy vibes and has fall written all over it.

2. Essie “Angora Cardi”

According to Essie, this color was the most pinned shade for fall last year on Pinterest. It’s so clear as to why; it’s gorgeous! Even though it was popular for  2016, don’t let that stop you from wearing it again this year. It’s a milder purple polish mixed with a deep rose pink. This shade truly looks beautiful on every skin tone.

3. Essie “Playing Koi”

Fall is the perfect time to go pumpkin picking and grab pumpkin spice lattes. It only makes sense to add an orange color to this list that reminds us of our fall favorites! This color is considered a burnt orange. It’s not too bright for the season and is dark enough to match the orange hues the season brings us.

4. China Glaze “West Side Warrior”

Olive green is a color that’s seen all over people’s wardrobes during the fall, but how often do you see this color on nails? Try this polish out for your next color to make a statement!

5. China Glaze- “Dope Taupe”

To finish this list off, this color is more on the neutral side. Because it’s a neutral taupe, this color will pair well with any colors in your outfit. If you’re looking for a nail polish that isn’t too colorful yet still screams fall, this shade is the way to go.


Sometimes deciding on what color to do next for your nails can be a huge struggle. The next time you’re feeling a bit stuck, try using this guide for some help. Whatever color you pick, you’ll be owning this fall season.


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