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5 Misconceptions About Vegetarianism/Veganism

There is a new diet trend that seems to be taking off recently. Not long ago, it was difficult for vegetarians and vegans to find restaurants and fast food that catered to them. Now, you can argue that Veganism has become a movement that is synonymous with healthy eating. Like any change in diet it is important to look at the misconceptions before jumping on the bandwagon, or choosing to abstain. Here is a list of the most common misconceptions about Veganism.
1. It will make you “skinny”
Just because you are eliminating some or all animal products from your daily routine does not mean that it will magically make you drop ten pounds. Being “healthy” is a lifestyle choice that involves a balanced diet and exercise. Whether you are a vegetarian or not, smart eating still requires work. Being vegan or vegetarian may limit your unhealthy options but please keep in mind that pizza is vegetarian and there is such thing as vegan brownies.
2. You won’t get enough protein
In major parts of the world different religions and cultures require people to abstain from eatingmeat or specific animal products and those people have survived. Contrary to popular belief, protein is found in many other options other than meat. According to health.com, a half cup of beans has the same amount of protein as one ounce of meat. You can find many other substitutes for meat with a little extra research. Some high protein foods include beans, lentils, nuts, seeds and spinach.
3. Grocery Shopping is expensive
There is a lot of truth to this misconception. Healthy eating in general is overall pricer than a Ramen and chips diet. well produced meat is actually just as pricey as shopping plant based. Whether you are vegan/vegetarian or not, a healthy diet will cost you more. One trick to keeping your budget low is to purchase frozen veggies which tend to be much cheaper. Overall, investing in a healthier lifestyle is much more worthwhile in the long run.
4. Vegetarian/Vegan food is Boring
Check out any of the uprising Instagram fitness gurus and you will see that this just isn’t true. Vegetarian meals tend to be much more colorful and offer fresher options. Yummly.com has beautiful looking and easy to make vegetarian/vegan recipes. Yes being a vegan limits your fast food options, but it can extend your taste palette to much more advanced creations.
5. All or Nothing
Many people believe that to follow this regime or to pursue this goal they have to cut out all meat or animal products right away. You are allowed to build your own lifestyle with what works best for you. There are all different kinds of terms you can identify with if that is something you are
concerned about. For example, a Pescatarian is someone who doesn’t eat meat but eats seafood. Decide why you want to do this be it for health reasons or moral reasons; And design your own food lifestyle from there.
If you are just following the trends then I start cutting a few animal products out of your daily routine and see how it goes. Choosing to go vegan/vegetarian is a lifestyle decision that takes a lot of work, planning and research just like any major life decision. It is important to be educated on the benefits and downfalls of diet changes because they can impact your body. Veganism and vegetarianism are a choice and you should feel free to approach the concept with your own ideas and alterations.
Amelia Burns is an active blogger and student currently studying Broadcast Journalism at Temple University, in Philadelphia. Amelia thrives on fashion, politics and pop culture. She enjoys traveling often and spontaneously. Amelia dreams of one day working for CNN and hopes to pursue a career in political or entertainment commentary. You can check out more work by her at theameliaburns.com and at her Instagram: @ameliachristineburns
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