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10 TikTok Fashion Creators you Need to Follow

Finding your personal style can be difficult, gaining inspiration from others can be a big help. These accounts vary and highlight a range of content that will help inspire your next outfit. These accounts can help gain insight to define your style, explore adding color to your wardrobe, and crafting everyday, on trend outfit.

Learn about your personal style

Lots of content on TikTok can be based on trends that come and go, focusing on more refined stability in your style is also important. Promoting timeless pieces that never go out of style ensures you always have something to wear. 

  • Itsjadawest: Some of my favorite videos from Jada focus on how to change your style after major transitions in your life, like going from high school to college! Beyond that, simple outfits most people can make and how to reinvent your style. 
  • Queeryorkstyles: This New York personal stylist approaches things like capsule wardrobes, styling basics most people have in their closet, New York street style, and providing insight and answers to the frequent comment, “I have nothing to wear.” 

Looking to add more color to your outfits? 

Getting inspiration for colorful outfits is so much fun and these style icons love pushing the boundaries and experimenting with lots of color. 

  • Polychrom3: Thalia is a personal stylist, their content shows off extremely colorful and inspiring outfits. Focusing on specific pieces of clothing, styling summer dresses for winter, and so much more, they have become one of my favorite fashion inspirations. 
  • Idon’tknowautumn: Autumn approaches color with trendiness in mind. She is younger, making her outfits perfect inspiration for college students like us. She often shops with more affordable brands, does outfit of the day, and shop with me videos. 
  • Modmoongirl: This might not be everyone’s daily style choices, but Kierstynn describes her style as “vintage and contemporary fashion” with a range of more everyday, wearable looks to stylish vintage. 
  • Mellemoejaee: Jae’s quirky colorful style is wearable and glamorous all at the same time, showcasing great outfits of the day to more special occasion looks. 

Trendy, Everyday, Wearable Outfits: 

Finding a balance between having on trend clothes but also using the staple items to build outfits can be tricky, but don’t worry, these fashionable ladies got it all figured out. 

  • Aprillockhart: One of my favorite fashion inspirations! With her outfit of the day series titled “normalizing disabled girlies on your feed,” viewers see lots of amazing outfits! Focusing on the current styles and trends of 2022, using both neutral and colorful pieces, her content is definitely one of my most inspirational. 
  • Thisisjessicatorres: Jessica’s fashion style is trendy and contemporary, combining color and neutrals to highlight ways everyone, but specifically plus size people, can be trendy and fashionable on a budget. 
  • Aspectsoftinsaye: Tinsaye lives in Philadelphia and combines “classically trendy style,” using wardrobe staples and fun unique pieces to make chic and current outfits. 
  • Stylishcurves: Showing off the best, affordable pieces from big name retailers and transforming them to outfits perfect for every occasion. 

Fashion can be an amazing tool to express who you are and nourish yourself confidence. Beyond their wonderful outfit choices, all of these wonderful people embrace and express what a positive resource fashion can be in your life. Take their inspiration of exuding internal positivity through external fashion choices and create some wonderful outfits that reflect who you are.

Hello! My name is Kimberly and I am a sophomore Communications and Social Influence major at Temple University!
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