10 Things I've learned from MTV’s Girl Code

Girl code has always served as a series of unwritten rules between women. Recently, MTV  compiled these rules and relayed them through vivacious female comedians in TV series, Girl CodeGirl Code is the rules and regulations that make up womanhood!

So in honor of this brilliant production, here are 10 essential words of wisdom from Girl Code.

1. Don't ever compare yourself to the girls in magazines. They aren't real.Women in magazines nowadays are photoshopped to not even look like themselves anymore. It is important to know that what magazines advertise isn't achievable and isn't beautiful.

2. Don't hook up with your ex.You will regret it and it will not make the break up any easier. Yes you may be lonely and they may be the easiest person to go back to, but don't do it. Be strong!

3. Don't talk about always being on a diet. It is annoying and sad.Of course it is totally acceptable to want to eat healthier, but don’t regularly complain about being on a diet. If it sucks that much, don't do it. Eat and be happy.

4. Don't obsess over a crush.It is ok to have a crush, but don't be a stalker. We've all done it; monitoring him on social media and obsessing if he says hi. It's a fun feeling but there is a fine line between crushing or being just plain creepy.

5. It is ok to have sex on the first date.Forget that stupid double standard that you have to wait to have sex. If you want to go at it right away then go for it! Besides, it'll be easier to tell or not if he's worth the second date.

6. Love your boobs because every single girl doesn't like theirs.Seriously, if you have big boobs you want smaller ones. If you have small boobs you want larger ones. No one is ever satisfied so just give up and love them.

7. Whiskey will always keep you happy.When you’re out drinking just sticky with whiskey. Wine gives you the worst hangover and tequila makes you do regrettable things. Whisky is happiness.

8. Don't always listen to your friends’ advice.Sometimes your friends aren't right or just don't understand the position you’re in. It is ok to tune them out and do what you think is best for yourself.

9. Don't date just to date.Only date someone if you actually like them. If you just date someone because you are lonely then you will up hating yourself for it in the end. It is ok to be alone, just stay away from having too many cats.

10. Your allowed to go crazy if a guy calls you crazy.It's all women's trigger word and it is totally acceptable. If a guy calls you crazy then show him crazy! Bet he won't do it again.