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10 New Songs to Help You Get Through the Rest of the Semester

Since we just came back from Spring Break, these 10 songs can help express your mood through going back into the drawing board of preparing for final exams and projects.

1. On the Loose- Niall Horan

Former One Direction member Niall Horan has recently come out with a new video for his hit, “On The Loose.” The song is about a girl and its video has a fun western feel. We can’t wait to hear more from him.

2. Flowers- The Neighbourhood

One of my favorite bands ever has come out with a new song called “Flowers.” I can listen to this along with their other songs all day because their music never gets old.

3. Good Vibes- Alma ft Tove Styrke

British pop singer, Alma, is well known for her neon yellow locks, and just like her hair, her new single, “Good Vibes,” will brighten up your mood.  

4. I Believe- Demi Lovato ft DJ Khaled

“A Wrinkle in Time” has an all-star cast, so I was not surprise to see an all-star soundtrack featuring two of my favorite artists, DJ Khaled and Demi Lovato. Their song, “I Believe,” makes you want to go to another world.

5. No- Alison Wonderland

No, she’s not Alice in Wonderland! This Australian pop singer is more than the storybook character because she wears two additional hats as a producer and DJ. “No” is her new single where she shows off her talents with great beats and good lyrics.

6. Sanctify- Years & Years

Years & Years is another band I enjoy on this list. Their new single, “Sanctify,” has a funky beat and it’s perfect to listen to on the way to class.

7. To the Moon- KYLE

KYLE is one of my favorite rappers right now. Since “i Spy,” he has been putting out singles left and right and his newest one, “To the Moon,” is just as quirky and fun as the rest of his hits.

8. Wassup – Logic ft Big Sean

Rapper Logic has had an active year in music, from his collaboration with Alessia Cara to his new album, “Bobby Tarantino II.” His album includes the track, “Wassup,” featuring Big Sean, which is perfect for hyping you up.

9. Top Off – DJ Khaled ft Jay-Z, Future, and Beyoncé

Of course, we could not complete this list without some Jay-Z and Beyoncé! Their new hit with DJ Khaled and Future, “Top Off,” is another great song to get you hyped up. Any collaboration with these four artists will always equal a hit.

10. T Pain – Bartier Cardi Remix

T-pain posted a video on Instagram previewing this remix and two days later releases it. Crazy right? Not as crazy as his verses are on the already-fire song originally by Cardi B.

P.S. (Cardi released the new video for “Bartier Cardi” during VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop and should be on YouTube soon. Make sure to keep a look out for it!)

Well, there you have it, some of the hottest songs for this week. Have fun listening and good luck with the rest of the semester!

––Kiana Tjerrell


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