10 Fashion and Beauty Reads for the Style-Savvy Collegiate

As Christmas break approaches, ditch your normal textbooks for a few weeks and use your newfound time to get some pleasure reading done instead.

We have rounded up a list of our top ten reads for all of you style and beauty-savvy collegiettes. These books can help you expand your own personal style or learn about trends and topics in the fashion industry. So kick back, relax and pick up one of these titles that are sure to please!


1.      Style by Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad crafted this engaging and informative book to assist young women trying to create their own personal style. Its pages are complete with chic illustrations and tips on how to look fabulous on any budget.

2.     Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Style: How to Find Your Perfect Look by Ann Shoket and the Editors of Seventeen Magazine

This book is relatable, easy to follow and contains fashion suggestions for seven different styles: classic, edgy, girly, artsy, glam, sporty and boho. It also gives advice from a variety of different resources such as magazine editors, celebrities and even Hollywood stylists.

3.     Survey of Historic Costume by Phyllis Turtora and Keith Eubank

Every stylish collegiette should brush up on her fashion history. This book makes it fun to learn about the evolution of style throughout the years with its brilliant illustrations and plethora of interesting facts.

4.     The Fairchild Dictionary of Fashion by Charlotte Mankey Calasibetta

A standard dictionary is great, but purchase this awesome fashion dictionary so you can understand more about specific terms related to apparel, accessories and more. With over 15,000 definitions you will be a style Einstein in no time!

5.     Style Yourself by Various Authors and a Foreword by Jane Aldridge

In this era of beauty and fashion bloggers any girl can become a personal style inspiration for her fellow females. Read this book for tips and insight from real girls blogging about what to wear and how to wear it.


6.     Beauty by Lauren Conrad

LC is back and ready to assist with all of your beauty woes. From perfecting the cat eye to flawlessly matching your foundation to your skin tone, Conrad’s got it covered. The book includes her personal advice and step-by-step instructions to make sure your hair, skin and nails look their best.

7.     Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Beauty by Ann Shoket and the editors of Seventeen

This beauty book from Seventeen makes achieving runway-inspired looks possible on a budget. Just as their fashion book highlights seven different types of style, this book highlights five different beauty vibes: glam, classic, edgy, girly and boho. It also gives product suggestions and how-to tips for each.

8.     About Face by Scott Barnes

Celebrity makeup artist Scott Barnes crafted this book to remind women how multi-dimensional perceptions of beauty can be. First Barnes highlights dramatic makeovers he has created. Next he points out must-have products and essential beauty rituals for looking your best and finishes with a section on celebrities he has worked with.

9. Beauty Rules by Bobbi Brown

In this diverse book, makeup artist Bobbi Brown photographs and speaks with a wide range of young women. She emphasizes natural beauty as well as age-appropriate looks for teens and twenty-somethings. In addition to her top-notch beauty advice Brown provides self-esteem boosters to help your inner beauty shine through.

10. Make Up Your Life: Your guide to Beauty, Style, and Success - Online and Off by Michelle Phan

Even though her parents wanted her to go into the medical field, Michelle Phan knew her dreams would lead her elsewhere. She became a beauty guru on YouTube as well as an entrepreneur as she worked on creating her own makeup line. In her new book she gives beauty and style advice while encouraging readers to turn their passions into their profession.

In between studying and binge-watching Netflix, make sure to take time to read one of these amazing books! Pretty soon you will be strutting around campus in your cutest outfit while wearing a perfectly applied statement lipstick feeling confident as ever!