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TCU students recently reccieved some of the best news the world has to offer: A Whole Foods is opening in the Fort. Here is how we felt when we the store first opened and some tips for grocery shopping:

When someone tells you about the new Whole Foods store in Fort Worth.

So, casually you grab your keys and head there with the idea: “I AM GOING TO BUY EVERYTHING!!!”

Then, you start eyeing all the prices...

Even though you have to narrow your list down, you think: No harm in sampling everything first, right?

Trying to be healthy but not blow all of your weekly allowance? Here are some tips of what you should shop for in order to save time, money, and calories.

1. Buy in bulk and buy things to prep meals for the week! I always benefit from buying a frozen bag of grilled chicken strips. You literally stick them in the microwave, and throw them on top of anything for healthy protein.

2. Protein bars. A necessity for late night library sessions but obnoxiously over priced individually…buy the whole box and save 10%

3. Buy fruit to top off your morning oatmeal or just as a snack BUT stay away from the prepackaged cut fruit and vegetables. You’re paying twice as much for a plastic bowl...just cut the fruit and veggies yourself.

4. Ask your roomies to go in on buying groceries for the week together it’s much cheaper and you waste less food if you have a few people consuming things that expire.

5. Stock up on spinach, kale or whatever type of lettuce you like. Make salads or throw them in your eggs in the morning to get your daily greens!

6. Quinoa...while it is trendy, it also has a long shelf life. It is healthy way to get some protein with your meal and it takes 15 minutes to cook.

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