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1.     You own more extra-large T-shirts than your dad.


2.     There are about two guys in every class of 25 girls.


3.     You’ve taken multiple pictures in front of Frog Fountain.


4.     You see new flowers on campus every two weeks.


5.     More places are under construction than not.

6.     #suckstoBU is still trending.


7.     Guys are more dressed up for class than girls.

8.     You are surrounded by an abnormal amount of beautiful people.  

9.     Chicken nugget day means extra-long lines at the BLUU.


10.     You can never find a parking spot.


11.     You only use the cardio machines at the Rec because you’re too scared to venture into the weight room.


12.     You cross University if the light is green or red. TCU students always have the right-of-way. 


13.     You get excited about the pool finally opening after Spring Break.


14.     Ice cream at the BLUU – ‘nuff said.


15.     You get chauffeured around by golf carts.

16.     You have to reroute your way to class because of squirrels.


17.     School shuts down after a centimeter of snow hits the ground.

18.     One nice day in the winter makes everyone layout in the Commons. 


19.     You throw up the Frogs in every picture, no matter where you are. #ThrowWhatYouKnow


Simply put: you know you go to TCU when you go to the best school in the country. 



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My name is Tara McQueen. I am a junior at TCU. I enjoy long walks on the beach during the sunset. Watching the sunset from the top of TCU's stadium comes in second, close to California beach sunsets. I love writing and reading gossip columns. One day I hope to write for a nationally recognized fashion magazine. Until then, I plan on blogging and writing as much as I can in my free time.
Hannah is a Strategic Communications major at Texas Christian University. She plans to pursue a career in PR/Marketing in the fashion industry and eventually live in New York City. Life inspiration comes from The Devil Wears Prada, Sex and the City and Gossip Girl.
Nicoletta is a senior at Texas Christian University where she is a Communication Studies and Psychology of Leadership major, and a proud member of Kappa Alpha Theta. Born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA, she traded her flip-flops in for cowboy boots whens she moved to the great state of Texas to attend TCU. Some of her favorite things include health and fitness, going on spontaneous road trips, doing barre classes, shopping, and trying new food items at Trader Joes. The best decision she ever made was when she studied abroad in Florence, Italy, and traveled to 12 different countries and 36 cities in five months. Her best friends describe her as a confident leader who is outgoing, fun-loving, genuine, and quirky.
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