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Why Being an RA is Rockin’

Who are those people that live at the end of dorm hallways, with a million name tags on their doors, and are always trying to trap you with offers of free food if you come to hall programs? Those lovely people are residence assistants, or RAs for short.

When I started college, I did not understand the purpose of RAs. Were they supped up hall monitors? There only to find problems and give out violations? I quickly learned this was not the case. That RAs are simply there to be resources to connect residents to the larger TCU community, to create opportunities for residents to meet each other, and to most importantly act as support systems in residence hall.

When I learned what being an RA truly was, I knew I had to become one. I wanted to be there for first-year students the way my RA was there for me. She helped me to get out of my comfort zone, leave my door open, and meet people in my hall. The transition into college is one of the most stressful and exciting times in many people’s lives, and RAs have the ability to make that transition easier for students.

I was lucky enough to make it through the competitive application process, and be placed in a first-year hall. I was anxious over the summer preparing for my first year as an RA. Would my residents like me? Would they think my door name decorations were lame?

Despite all my worries, becoming an RA has been the biggest blessing in my life since I started college. Being an RA has given me amazing friendships with the members of my staff and with my residents; friendships that I know would never have happened without my job.

I say to anyone considering applying to be an RA: Go for it! Being an RA is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had, and I am beyond thankful I took the chance and applied.

Hello, My name is Paige Losack, and I am from Texas. I am in college at Texas Christian University, and I am majoring Political Science. I love working for Her Campus TCU as the Head Social Media Manager for our chapter! Wishing you well :)
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