Who We Want for the Spring Concert

Spring semester is almost here, and that means it’s just about the time to anxiously refresh Outlook for an email from SGA. Who do you want as our Spring concert performer? Some of your TCU Her Campus staff weighs in.


Ben Rector

Hayden Mahaney

Mat Kearney

Kelsey Emery, Junior

Andy Grammer

Kelsey Emery

Mumford & Sons

Megan Gunn, Freshman

Paige Losack, Sophomore

Emma Heinz

The Lumineers

Megan Gunn

Emma Heinz

Paige Losack

Mouse Rat

Sinai Diaz, Sophomore

21 Pilots

Amanda Norman, Sophomore

Sinai Diaz

Childish Gambino

Judy Pham, Sophomore

Megan Gunn

Sinai Diaz

Lady Gaga

Kalena Chiu, Freshman