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Where Are My Bagels? Observations of a Jersey Girl from Her First Month of Living in Texas

Growing up, I always dreamed about going to college. However, I would have laughed in your face if you told me I was going to school in Texas. Being from New Jersey, I always pictured myself being on the campus of a beautiful, historic university somewhere in the northeast. Before deciding to come to TCU, I had never been to the state of Texas in my life. While I could not be happier with the decision I made to come down to TCU, in my first month here, I have noticed some cultural aspects that stunned me as a Northerner. Here is my list of everything a Northeasterner should know before moving to Texas.

#1: The People

When people say the southern charm is a thing. It’s true. Believe them. Within my first month here I have had the door held for me more times than I ever had in my life back in New Jersey. While I am definitely not saying people in the Northeast are horribly mean, it is just not like that. Everyone does their own thing and in public definitely does not go out of their way to talk to strangers. Here people are so excited to ask about you and your life and if you go to TCU which was something that stunned me.

#2 The Bagels.

Jocelyn Hsu / Spoon

To someone not from the tri-state area, this is not going to make sense, but anyone from these states knows that our bagels are unmatched. I don’t even like bagels that much; however, I have never craved a classic New York bagel more in my life. I have even asked my mom to ship me down our local bagels. The bagels in Texas are not even close to matching those of New York and New Jersey. There’s a lack of doughiness and crunch that makes it so underwhelming.

#3 Cursing

Coming from New Jersey, I will fully admit I have the mouth of a sailor. It is completely normal for people to drop a few casual curse words into a sentence about what you have to do on a random Tuesday morning. In Texas, I have learned quickly that if you do this you will get a few looks from the people around you. So you might want to keep some of your word choices for when you are back on the streets of Manhattan.

#4: The Weather

Hot. Humid. Horrendous.

Growing up I had always heard of the Texas heat and all the horror stories of it, but what no one tells you about is how bipolar the weather is. Sure it is hot, but you literally could be walking to class one second, and it’s super sunny and beautiful then you walk out of class and there’s a tornado warning and it’s pouring. In my first week here I had to learn that tornados actually do happen and are not something you and your friends laugh about when you receive a notification.

While there are so many more things I am learning daily, I would not change it for a thing (maybe actually for a few good bagels). This state is truly beautiful and has taught me so much about the rest of the United States and myself and can teach anyone who wants to visit it.

Hi everyone! My name is Ellie Sanville and I am originally from Monmouth County, New Jersey. Currently I am a freshman nursing major at Texas Christian University and could not be anymore excited for this chapter in my life. Being from somewhere so close to NYC I love writing about fashion along with travel and all things TCU!!
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