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What Your Dorm Decor Says About Your Style

Even though moving in can be stressful, the one fun part is decorating your dorm room. This is the space where you want to feel most comfortable and at home, so what you put up is important. It also expresses your personality and even flexes that interior design muscle we all long to have.

Knowing what design style interests you can be very beneficial when you move off campus. It will give you a better focus on how to decorate your space and can give you ideas that you may have not thought of before. To find your interior design aesthetic, let’s take a quick look into your dorm room.

If your dorm room has…

  • Marble print
  • Simple designs
  • Monochromatic patterns
  • LED (white) lights

Then you should check out the minimalist interior design style. This style keeps a space simple, making it feel clean and untouched. Check out more with the link provided.

If your dorm room has…

  • Bright, rich colors
  • Cluttered fun walls (collages, art, photos)
  • Funky decor pieces
  • Mix and match decor

Then you may like the eclectic style. This is all about being unique and not sticking to any rules. It boasts mixing your favorite pieces together to make the best compromise possible. Eclectic focuses on mixed patterns, colors, and styles to make a visually interesting style. Check out more with the link.

If your dorm room has…

  • LED lights
  • Neon signs
  • Modern art
  • Neutral, open walls

You should check out the modern, contemporary, and urban styles. These styles focus on an uncluttered space with neutral walls but pops of color. Check out more with the links given.

If your dorm room has…

  • Biophilic design (hello, plant moms!)
  • Macrame
  • Tapestries
  • Hanging lights
  • Neutral colors

Bohemian might be your style! This style has a lack of structure, giving off a carefree vibe. Many bohemian homes are filled with a variety of plants and warm colors. Check out more with the link.

If your dorm room has…

  • Shades of blue and white
  • Art/photos of the ocean
  • Beachy vibes
  • Fish tank

Then you seem like a coastal or tropical kind of gal! This style is about bringing the coast to your home — no matter how far away it is. Check out more with the link.

Didn’t find any?

Don’t worry if you didn’t match any of these styles; there are plenty of more out there. There’s victorian, traditional, vintage, art deco, mid-century, and many many more on the list. And, of course, the best part of all is that in your space you get to stylize however you want; you can mix up design aesthetics or make your own! Good luck!

Caitlin Cunningham is currently a sophomore studying Strategic Communications with a minor in Digital Culture and Data Analytics. She is eager to travel the world, go to concerts again, and to explore. She loves indie/alt-rock music and loves to paint.
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