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Keeping GRATITUDE at the Center of your life even after thanksgiving

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately has been starting my day in a healthier way. Recently I’ve been feeling really burnt out and lacking energy from the very beginning of my days which has slowed me down quite a bit. Instead of cranking out homework after classes, I’ve been wasting time on my phone, watching Netflix, or just simply lying around because I feel like I have no energy left by the end of the day. As I’ve been going through my mental checklist to try and figure out what’s wrong, I’ve ruled out more potential problems than found solutions. I thought: It can’t be that I’m not fueling my body, I’m getting enough sleep to function, and I’m surrounded by people that I love and who love me. I’m not lacking anything too essential. But! Talking to a family member this Thanksgiving revealed just what I’m leaving out of my daily routine; gratitude.

Five-minute journaling and having an aesthetic morning routine are all the rage these days and for good reason. In many of these morning routines, people spend a few moments focusing on things that they’re grateful for. Most write out their answers, others verbalize it, but either way, it sets each individual up for more success throughout the day. Instead of focusing on the negatives in life, like being busy with classes and homework, choosing to practice gratitude focuses their energy on what’s truly good. In doing so, the rest of their day resembles their morning spent contemplating what good things are in their life.

Giving thanks seems to have turned into something that we do once a year, maybe two or three if we think about it, but never a daily practice. Setting oneself up to recognize what they’ve been given helps to ground us and remind us that nothing is guaranteed. When this becomes our mindset, we fall into a more positive outlook on life which results in more energy from day to day. Entering the holiday season and now that Thanksgiving is past, practicing daily gratitude would be extra special. Times when we are surrounded by family and friends, celebrating our favorite holidays, are the biggest reminders of what’s most important. If you needed a push to start your day better like I did, this is it! Don’t wait. Set yourself up for success and positivity by reminding yourself what you’re grateful for every day.

Natalie Deptula has loved writing for as long as she can remember including middle school book reports, AP Literature class, and penning poetry in her free time. Her true love for writing was fostered by some incredible English teachers in high school who gave her the space to discover writing to its fullest capacity. As a Her Campus writer, Natalie enjoys discussing all topics, but is especially fond of all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Natalie is currently studying Fashion Merchandising and English at Texas Christian University with hopes of writing for the fashion industry after her four years have passed. She isn't sure what this will look like, but is eager to discover her niche along the path to finding out! Other than Her Campus, Natalie is involved in Greek Life, introducing new students to TCU (Frog Camp Facilitator), church minsitry, and any fine arts she can get her hands on. When she's not writing or being a student (which we all know is a full time job!), Natalie loves retail therapy, watching sappy rom-coms, and being around the people she loves.
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