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Thank you to my FABULOUS Roommate…

Rooming with people: I came to college hearing horror stories about “crazy roommates” or fights between roommates that end BEYOND dramatically. So, it was safe to say I was nervous about coming to college and rooming randomly. Luckily for me, my roommate is now my very best friend/my person. (Hopefully this is luckily for her as well). So, without further ado, here are some of the things I think my fabulous roommate needs to be recognized/thanks for on the daily!

1. Thank you for all of the random food runs. Yes, of course I put this one first! Thanks for always being down to get food whenever, wherever. From the random late night food runs at 2 in the morning, to Sunday brunches- there’s always time for us to pig out! Thank you for liking food just as much as I do, and for making me feel better about it as well!

2. Thank you for doing all the annoying favors I ask you. This is it- thank you for all the times you’ve done my hair, helped me clean, ran me my I.D. across campus (I know I forget my school I.D. and other cards constantly), and letting me borrow and use all of your items whenever. You are seriously the most selfless person, and I know it can be so annoying! So thank you!

3. Thank you for always listening to my boy rants. Often, these rants happen after we come back from a night out and there’s just so much to talk about. Thank you for listening to me rant over and over again about the same boys or the same things. Thank you for also giving me advice when needed or just a shoulder to lean on. Even though you could probably care less, you still listen. I also hope I’ve provided some good entertainment for you along the way with this subject.

4. Thank you for being lazy with me. I’m so glad that I have a roommate who just gets it. When I want to stay in one night and not go out, you’re right there with me. Thank you for understanding that sometimes we just need a break, and for being right by my side to spend time napping together.

5. Thank you for the endless Netflix binge watching days. From Stranger Things, to New Girl, to Gilmore Girls– thank you for appreciating Netflix as much as I do. Sometimes one episode has turned into twenty- but it’s still a really good time! There’s nothing I look forward to more than this and our chats about what just happened!

6. Thank you for making crazy impulse decisions with me. Okay, sometimes we do things that aren’t the brightest- but it always makes for the best memories, am I right? Thank you for going out and buying a fish with me, just for it to sadly die less than a week later! Thank you for coming home to my small town with me for Thanksgiving and buying matching clothes. Also, for for the random trips out, and the dumb decisions to go do something even if we’re stressed with so much homework. I’ve made the best memories with you, and there’s so much we can look back and laugh on.

7. Thank you for listening and allowing me to trust you. You pretty much know my life story, and I’m comfortable sharing anything and everything with you. I know that you’ll never judge or think any less of me, and it’s pretty fab to have a roommate like this in my life. Thank you for letting me open up to you!

8. Thank you for always watching out for me. You’re always down to go out whenever I want to, even if you don’t necessarily feel up to it. Thank you for always taking care and making sure that I’m okay. I appreciate you always finding me on the dance floor and laughing at me, but also making sure that we leave together and are both safe at all times. Again- you are so selfless!

9. Thank you for being crazy with me. I have always been so weird and goofy. You are right there with me. We literally laugh at the weirdest things, and half the time no one has any clue what we’re talking about. However, you just get it and understand. Thank you for all the Hannah Montana jam sessions, or random dance parties. Thank you for tagging me in endless memes as well that make my day a million times better.

10. Thank you for rooming with me again next year. I can’t thank you enough for being willing to room with me again next year. I’m glad I haven’t driven you TOO crazy! I already know that these memories are never going to end, and that now we’re going to be in charge of a whole house, instead of just our dorm room… Lord, help us!


I could rant on and on and on about how much I love my roommate! She’s the greatest gal around! For always being down to go have some fun, to staying in and watching Netflix, to pushing me to do well in school- she’s more than the best person! I hope y’all can relate to this and have a roommate as fabulous as mine! Even if not, there’s always next year, right?

Lover of TCU, sushi, lazy Sundays, artsy pics & Chuck Bass!
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