Taylor Sutton

Name: Taylor Sutton 

Year: Sophomore

Major: Political Science 

Hometown: San Antonio, TX 

Campus involvement: Sigma Nu, Chancellor’s Leadership Program, House of Representatives


What's your favorite memory of TCU so far?

"My favorite memory at TCU is storming the field after our victory against Baylor in two overtimes! The pouring rain made it even more memorable. A close second is the comeback over Oregon at the Alamo Bowl."


What made you want to be a political science major? 

"I want to be a Political Science major because it will enable me to travel the world and serve the country I love. I hope to work in the State Department and one day serve as an Ambassador." 


What's something not many people know about you?

"Something many people don't know about me is that I used to live in Germany. My father served this country in the Air Force and we were stationed at Ramstein Air Force Base for three years." 


If you could ask a genie for three wishes, what would they be?

"If I was given three wishes, I would obviously ask for infinite wishes! If I was limited to three wishes then I'd probably ask for the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl, the Horned Frogs to win the College Football National Championship, and the Spurs to win the NBA Finals. Duh!"


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

"In ten years I'll have a beautiful wife and a dang awesome dog. I'll have a full beard and I'll be up to my neck in law school or grad school debt. Should be a great time!"