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Succulent Planters for Every Personality

Succulents are the new craze, especially in coffee shops and college dorm rooms. Succulents are easy to take care of and can easily add so much to the room. Thanks to the magic of adorable planters, you can even make sure your succulent speaks to your personality. Whether outgoing or reserved, coffee lover or nature lover, you can find the perfect succulent planter for you.

For those dreaming of an African safari, try these planters from Anthropologie

For those who drin tea like its going out of style, use some old tea bins to hold your succulents. 

For those who are obsessed with monograms, personalize your succulents with a planter shaped like the first letter of your name. 

For the coffee lovers out there, transform your favorite mugs into planters. 

For wine connoisseurs, make tiny succulent holders out of your cork collection.

For those who’ve always wanted a pet rock, get a pet plant-rock.  

For those who want to party all day and night long, make this DIY disco ball planter

And finally, for those who just love cute things, check out these planters from Etsy

So, no matter who you are, embrace the succulent lifestyle. And who knows? Before long, you may have your own greenhouse. 

Her Campus TCU Staff!
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