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I asked all the sororities on TCU’s campus the same questions to help everyone get to know why it is important to them. Read on if you want to see more into the life of a srat girl and what makes them all so different.

1. Why’d you choose your sorority?

2. What is the most important aspect of the sorority?

3. What has been your favorite memory so far?

4. What makes your sorority stand out from the rest?

5. How has it changed your college experience?

(Photo courtesy of Estelle Cottingham)

Alpha Chi Omega (A Chi O)

  1. “I chose Alpha Chi Omega because it was the most authentic and the best fit for me. I fell in love with the philanthropy as well. Domestic Violence Awareness and women’s centers are very important in my family. Before my aunt passed away, she volunteered with a women’s center near her home. After she died, we asked in lieu of flowers that donations be made in her name.”
  2. “The most important part of my sorority is the sisterhood. Being an only child, I didn’t grow up with siblings, especially sisters, around me. Now I have a big family. Yes, that sounds cheesy, but I have a family that’s not blood-related. I think that’s important and special.”
  3. “My favorite memory so far has been Big/Little Reveal. I remember being so excited when I found out who my big was. We hugged so much and took cute pictures. I also got to meet my extended family, like my “g-big” and “gg-big”. I also have “cousins” and “aunts” which makes my family so much fun. Since my family shares a big love for food, we went out for pizza to celebrate!”
  4. “What makes Alpha Chi Omega stand out from the rest is that each girl is unique, but we all have the same passion and love inside us. All Alpha Chi Omegas are down-to-earth, authentic and involved.”
  5. “Alpha Chi Omega has shaped my college experience. I wouldn’t have met girls that I can’t imagine how I’ve lived 19 years without. I wouldn’t have met my roommate for next year. I wouldn’t have been so involved on campus and in the Fort Worth community. One of the best decisions I ever made was choosing to go A Chi O!”

Alpha Delta Pi (ADPi)

  1. “I feel like I connected with the girls in ADPi on a personal level, and the girls in ADPI seemed so genuine. And being from out of state, the girls in ADPi made me feel like I had a family here in Texas.”
  2. “The most important aspect of ADPi is our sisterhood. We are all incredibly supportive and encouraging of each other through personal and academic endeavors. The girls in ADPi take our motto to heart and truly live it out each and every day. (Our motto is “we live for each other”)”
  3. “It’s difficult choosing just one memory that stands out as my favorite! I love Bid Day when we get so many wonderful new members, as well as Big/Little Diamond Sister Reveal! In addition, my best friends are some of my sisters in ADPi and the memories that I make with them each and every day are the memories that I will always cherish.” 
  4. “I believe that ADPi stands out from the other sororities because the girls in ADPi are complimentary to each other – we value each others strengths and all share a mutual respect. We all have different interests, are good at different things, and are involved in various endeavors both on and off campus. We celebrate the accomplishments of our sisters and we are diamonds that sparkle among the rest!”
  5. “Being in a sorority, specifically ADPi, has impacted by college experience by allowing me to meet others and have experiences that I would not have had otherwise. It’s given me a home and a support system of two hundred girls that I know will always be there for me!”

(Photo courtesy of Hayden Mahaney)

Alpha Omicron Pi (AOPi)

  1. “I chose AOII because during recruitment they were the only chapter that put me at ease during one of the most hectic weeks of my life. I felt a sense of acceptance that was refreshing in light of the pretty degrading attitude recruitment gives a PNM as day by day she’s cut from houses.”
  2. “The most important aspect to me is how genuine my sorority is. They go above and beyond the title of sisters and actual do what they say.”
  3. “I loved work week because you got to see the good, the bad, and the ugly, of everyone. We got to be ourselves shamelessly and has so much fun getting to know the chapter and work as a team.”
  4.  “I believe my chapter stands out because of that genuine aspect. They present themselves as they are, rather than a cookie cutter look that we all have during recruitment. There’s no two AOIIs that look alike, and we truly thrive off our diversity.”
  5. “It made me accountable for my behavior in and out of the classroom. Beyond the freedom that comes with college is a future that my chapter has not only helped me take step towards, but in a way I will be able to look back on and be proud of.”

Chi Omega (Chi O)

  1. “I chose Chi Omega because I truly felt at home in the house. Every Chi O that I have met, regardless of their chapter, has been extremely genuine. I believe this is a quality among many Chi Omega chapters and is a quality I hope to embody as well. Chi Omega is known for it’s sisterhood and morals which are two things I was looking for in a sorority and have now found my chapter here at TCU. Chi Omega enforces many positive standards which help me stay on the right path both academically and morally.”
  2. “In my opinion, the most important aspect of Chi Omega is the positive reputation of the girls in the sorority. Chi Omega enforces high standards which are not taken lightly by it’s members. These standards keep a positive reputation for the Chi Omega sorority and all of it’s members individually.”
  3. “My favorite memory so far has been initiation week. My pledge class had spent an entire semester preparing for our initiation week in January. After the long journey our pledge class reflected on the great times we had throughout the past few months. This experience helped me realize how lucky I am to have 64 sisters to share my college experience with and how blessed I am to have gone Chi O!”
  4. “Someone once told me that they would not be able to “pick out” a Chi Omega in a crowd of girls. While some other sororities have many similar characteristics, the Rho Epsilon chapter of Chi Omega prides itself on it’s diversity. One thing that makes Chi O stand out from the rest is how different each member is, yet we are all able to bond over our love for Chi O and love for one another.”
  5. “I had never encountered more girls like me before joining Chi O. Therefore, if I had not joined Chi O I believe my college experience would be drastically different. Being surrounded by so many girls who embody the same morals and standards as I do, I have been able to grow more confident in myself and learn about myself in ways I otherwise would not have been able to. Choose wisely and Go Chi O!!”

Delta Delta Delta (Tri Delt)

  1. “I chose Tri Delt because they seemed so laid back and made me feel comfortable. They didn’t pressure me into joining. Also, I have a lot of legacies in Tri Delt.”
  2. “I love our philanthropy. St. Jude’s is a great organization. Also, I feel so close to my pledge class.”
  3. “My favorite memory so far is definitely Pi Kapp Push.”
  4. “I think Tri Delt stands out because of how close we all are and the immediate friendships you make. We really care about our philanthropy and the community service we partake on and off campus. Tri Delt is changing my life through all the amazing opportunities it’s given me.”
  5. “I have made amazing friends and connections through Tri Delt. It has changed my college experience because the older girls and our president want to have a personal relationship with everyone. They are always checking in on me and making sure I’m on top of my school work. If it wasn’t for Tri Delt, I wouldn’t be having the success I am having.”

Delta Gamma (DG)

  1. “I chose Delta Gamma because I had so many good conversations and connections with the girls I talked to throughout recruitment!”
  2. “The most important aspect of Delta Gamma is following our motto, Do Good. We strive to Do Good in everything we do!”
  3. “My favorite memory so far has been Anchor Bowl, which is a big flag football tournament we put on as a fundraiser for Service for Sight, our philanthropy!”
  4. “Delta Gamma stands out from the rest because our girls are so genuine. You will always find a friend in a DG!”
  5. “Delta Gamma has changed my college experience by surrounding me with such amazing girls who are there for me in whatever I do!”

Gamma Phi Beta (Gamma Phi)

  1. “I chose my sorority because I trusted the process and it best fit my personality. It is all around–focusing not just on academics, but extracurricular, social life, strong sisterhood, and the diversity of the girls in the house. I didn’t feel like I had to be someone I wasn’t and it gave me an opportunity to meet various groups of women that aspire to be different things.”
  2. “ I believe the most important aspect of a sorority is to create a sisterhood, or family, that fosters growth with core values and an environment in which builds a stronger character and brings in opportunists to meet and be involved with various people”
  3. “Although there are too many great memories, I had tons of fun at our sisterhood event at the lake. Just a bunch of girls from different age groups getting together and just hanging out and talking and having fun. Although we didn’t know each other, we bonded…especially when it rained!”
  4. “I believe my sorority stands out from the rest because it has a reputation of a very strong sisterhood and having all around type of women. We are diverse and continue to excel in all parts of what we do, rather than just stick to one stereotype.”
  5. “Being in a sorority has changed my college experience because I have found a second family and home away from home. I would’ve not found my best friends in my sisters and have been given the opportunity to take leadership roles as well as being involved in other activities and other sorority and fraternities philanthropically events. There is a certain type of experience that cannot be replaced by having your sisters at my side though this college experience!”

(Photo courtesy of Estelle Cottingham)

Kappa Alpha Theta (Theta)

  1. “I felt as welcomed as I did with my lacrosse team in high school. It was as if I had known the girls in Theta for years after only knowing them for a short period of time.”
  2. “The support from my sisters has been the most important aspect of being in my sorority by far. I honestly don’t think I would have been able to make it this far without them by my side.”
  3. “The first time we really got to bond as a pledge class was when we were competing in Pi Kapp Push. We rehearsed for weeks and ended up losing, but it was still much fun to dress up and perform with my sisters.”
  4. “Many people are surprised by the fact that we are first in grades (even though we are the only sorority without study hours) and that we can still go out and have fun with other Panhellenic and Cultural Greek organizations on campus.”
  5. “Having a solid support system from day one of college through my sorority sisters has been the most beneficial part of being a Theta. Girls from every pledge class are more than willing to help each other through literally anything.”

Kappa Kappa Gamma (Kappa)

  1. “Because Kappa is such a fun place filled with charismatic girls.”
  2. “Forming strong bonds with girls I can rely on for anything.”
  3. “Our Kappa retreat”
  4. “We’re a very genuine group of girls!! We love to have fun and meet people wherever we go.”
  5. “I’ve made so many cool friends and it has made my college experience so much fun. I wouldn’t change anything about my experience. Go blue and blue!!”

Phi Mu (Phi Mu)

  1. “The rush process stressed me out too much. I also thought it was a great opportunity to start something and become a charter member! Also, the philanthropy for phi Mu is children’s miracle network hospital and that is a philanthropy near and dear to my heart!”
  2. “I feel like my sorority is really focused on giving back to the community through CMNH or any way they can. Academics is also another really important aspect of Phi Mu.” 
  3. “My favorite memory so far is roller skating with all my sisters after twin reveal! Roller blading is one of my favorite things!!”
  4. “We stand out because we are new and no one knows who we are and what we stand for. We are constantly growing as a chapter everyday. I see a lot of potential in us!”
  5. “Phi Mu made feel like I had a place at TCU. Somewhere to belong. My sisters are nothing but loving and supportive. They get me through so much and I don’t know what I would do without them!”

Sigma Kappa (Sigma Kappa)

  1. “It was the house I connected with the girls the most and I could see how much love everyone in the house had for each other.”
  2. “That so many different personalities can come together to be part of such a great organization.”
  3. “Going out to dinners with my sorority family.”
  4. “The fact that there are so many different personalities within the family of Sigma Kappa, but we’re all such good friends.”
  5. “It’s really awesome having an immediate support system when you come to a new place and  being able to feel like you can count on the girls for whatever you need.”

Zeta Tau Alpha (Zeta)

  1. “I chose Zeta because I fell in love with the philanthropy and all the girls I talked to during recruitment were so genuine, nice, and very pretty”
  2. “The most important aspect of Zeta to me is the bond between us. I might not know everyone in the sorority, but I still feel close with them because of what Zeta has brought us”
  3. “My favorite memory has been participating in (and winning) Pi Kapp Push, because it brought my pledge class closer and we had a great time together for a great cause.”
  4. “Zeta stands out from other sororities because we bring a lot to the table, we have sisters that have so many great talents and accomplishments. I am proud to be a Zeta.”
  5. “Being in Zeta has changed my college experience by giving me best friends and a sense of belonging.”
Hello! I am Estelle Cottingham. I am a freshman journalism major at Texas Christian University. I grew up in Southlake, TX with my amazing parents and three older sisters. When I'm not writing, I love watching baseball, dreaming of New York City, and going home to visit my dogs.