Second Semester Slump

Your stomach is still full from the weeks of home cooking and Christmas leftovers. You are fully relaxed and ready to take on the cold winds blowing. You bundle up in boots, a jacket and scarves galore to brave the cold winter weather. Nothing sounds better than a day spent in bed with Netflix and some hot chocolate. How did your mood shift so quickly?

Many say that once you finish your first semester you are in the clear. However, there is a very real and often unnoticed phenomenon that takes place when we return to school in January: The Second Semester Slump.

The spring semester of college presents many difficulties. There is usually less to do on campus, with no football games to take up Saturdays and less house parties because it can get so cold out. Often times, there are snow days that interrupt classes and leave you feeling unprepared. How do you combat this? It isn’t easy. Here are four simple ways to beat the slump.


1. Stick to Your New Year’s resolutions.

Stay focused on your goals. If you want to lose a few pounds or raise your grades, do it! The motivation will keep you on track during the long cold days when all you want to do is nap!


2. Stay Organized!

I am a huge proponent of organization, but it is incredibly necessary in times when you are feeling out of control. Keep a planner, write everything down and make sure your working space is clean for working. Your mind and work will thank you!


3. Pick Up a Hobby.

All of that extra time is perfect for picking up the new skill you have been working at! Learn to knit or crochet, play the guitar or read those books you have been meaning to catch up on.


4. Make a Bucket List!

At the beginning of the semester, gather your friends and make a list of everywhere you want to go and everything you want to do during the semester! When you have nothing to do on a cold weekend, pull an idea out and you will never run out of things to do!


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