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Prince and His Impact on the Music Industry

Prince. The Purple One. The one with a voice of velvet and lyrics so sensical that they were deemed beyond controversial. Granted, if you ever see me walking on campus, there is a 99% chance that you will see me wearing my AirPods and blasting Prince. I’ve been obsessed with Prince since I was 13 and was devastated when I found that he had passed away in 2016. Who exactly was Prince and how did he shape the music industry? What kind of music did Prince create?  

  1. Prince’s Fashion was like none other. Prince embraced being gender-neutral and known for being fearlessly and effortlessly fluid. Prince became legendary for his embrace of wearing extremely flamboyant and eccentric clothing that ranged from sparkly high heels, black lace gloves, glittery feathers and boas, and lurex (Prince loved the glittery metallic feel of the material). He embraced the idea that you could wear whatever you wanted as long as you rocked it and felt comfortable! The most important thing about Prince’s fashion wasn’t what he wore, it was how he wore it. Prince was devoted to being committed to and confident about what he wore, and he taught his fans to embrace their eccentricities – no one could wear anything quite like Prince!  
  1. Prince’s music was like none other. He was notorious and considered a legend for his extremely wide vocal range which included a gorgeous falsetto and high-pitched scream that left people wondering how someone could create such a wide range of sounds. Ever since Prince released his first album entitled “For You” in 1978 (one of my personal favorites), he was devoted to his music and released an album every year up until his death in 2016. Prince crossed all genres and created music like none other. He was incredibly talented among every sense of the word; from his wide range of vocals and his astonishing falsetto, to his ability to play every instrument, his careful devotion to his lyrics and his ability to write, produce, and record all of his songs (in every song, Prince played every single instrument). Prince’s talent was unmatched. He could make people sob while listening to his iconic ballad “Purple Rain” and make people dance uncontrollably with “Let’s Go Crazy.” He could make you scream along angrily with him on “When Doves Cry” while also making you feel crazy in love with “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World.” Prince rivaled the likes of those such as Madonna and Michael Jackson (unfortunately, we never received a Michael Jackson and Prince collab but Madonna and Prince have worked together!) but there was something much different about Prince; instead of being focused on entertaining people and making music that would be “popular”, Prince was focused on creating music as art and Prince was an artist in every sense of the word.  
  1. Prince’s influence on the music industry is all over music. Prince had a hands-on approach to his music; he controlled everything and that gave other artists the inspiration to have more creative power in their work. Prince stood up for control of his own music and was not going to back down for anyone. Prince spent hours and hours and hours on his music and was not going to give that up for anything. By establishing an incredibly colorful image and defiant musical sound, Prince changed music forever. So the next time you’re walking on campus and want to listen to music, make sure to turn on some Prince!  
Marena Mendez is a rising junior at Texas Christian University. She is a Youth Advocacy and Child Development major with specializations in Art Education and Communication studies. Marena is from Odessa, Texas and has five siblings, two labradoodles, and three kittens and a cat! Marena is obsessed with art, traveling, Disney World and Six Flags, and jamming out to Prince, Madonna, and Michael Jackson!
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