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President Trump’s Inauguration: As Told By the Internet

On Friday, Janurary 20th at 11:00 a.m, Donald Trump was sworn in as our forty-fifth President, and naturally the internet was watching. No matter your political views, one cannot deny that the Trump regime will be vastly different than Obama’s, and the uncertainty of the next four years can be summarized in the absurdity of the following photos.

To kick off the morning, the Trumps met the Obamas at the White House for a preliminary coffee and tea date. Following an awkward greeting where Melania offered a handshake while Michelle went in for the hug, the Slovenian beauty gave Michelle a Tiffany box. Michelle proceeded to give the camera a look worthy of The Office

Same, Michelle. Same.

Then the crew made their way to the Capitol for the swearing in, and the rest of the day. During the oaths, many onlookers noticed that Trump’s crowds were rather sparse compared to the fanfare that occurred on Obama’s inauguration four years ago. 

Granted, it was a dreary, wet day in Washington. George Bush certainly had a time trying to maneuver his poncho over his head.

Bill Clinton was spotted allegedly eyeing one of the Trump women as they processed in to the event. 


Trump gave his Inaugural Address, and a few of his words mirrored the sentiments of Gotham’s most beloved celebrity. 

The next day, hundreds of thousands of activists taking part in the Women’s March on Washington expressed their priorities for the next few years and spread positive energy to empower those around them. 

No matter what party you identify with, the next four years will be interesting. Let’s go forward with optimism, hope, and conviction.

Emily is a sophomore English & History major at Texas Christian University. In her spare time she likes reading, jamming to Taylor Swift, and looking up videos of celebrities falling on stage. At TCU she has fun being involved in Alpha Delta Pi sorority, the Honors College, Model UN, Yoga Club, and Her Campus TCU.
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