The Only Win That Matters

The TCU football team had their biggest win yet this season this past weekend against Baylor. Having lost only one game this season against the University of Texas, Baylor was a scary opponent for the frogs; however, our W is in the books. Websites all over had predictions for the game, and most were not in TCU’s favor. CFN’s prediction included this statement, “TCU’s defense needs to get better on the fly, QB Kenny Hill has to improve after failing to throw for more than 160 yards over the last two weeks, and the program needs to somehow find a big moment it can use to turn around the season.” The Spun predicted, “This year Baylor is the better team from top to bottom and it will show this weekend.” How did we do it? How did the frogs manage to beat Baylor 62-22? A lot of players shined last weekend and helped make this happen.

Kyle Hicks, junior wide receiver at TCU, was one of the stars in last weekend’s game. After being out of practice all week due to a knee injury, Hicks proved that he was fully recovered; he scored 5 touchdowns, including a 22-yard touchdown, and ran for a career-high of 192 yards against Baylor. When asked about having to sit out of practice for the week, Hicks commented, “It killed me not practicing all week, I just wanted to be in there with my teammates.” After being replaced midway through the game against Texas Tech, TCU junior quarterback Kenny Hill made a strong come back. Hill threw for 244 yards and ran for 85; during an interview with Star-Telegram, Hill claimed to have been uplifted by assistant coaches and teammates during his benching against Texas Tech, which helped him gain his confidence back. Before the Baylor game, there was talk about whether Kenny should be the starting quarterback or if sophomore quarterback, Foster Sawyer, should get more playing time after the game against Texas Tech, but Kenny has put all questions aside after last weekend’s game.

Last weekend’s game was a first for freshman running back, Sewo Olonilua, who scored his first touchdown as a frog. Olonilua was initially considered for defense when signing with TCU, but has averaged 8.7 yards in the last three games and now has a 26-yard touchdown on his record. Another freshman that has showed a lot of potential this season is running back, Darius Anderson. Anderson had seven carries and a target this past weekend; Coach Patterson comments on the two freshmen, “Both look closer than ever.” Junior cornerback Ranthony Texada and sophomore cornerback Julius Lewis both had a very successful game against Baylor. Both spent most of last year recovering from injuries, however, they are now back and stronger than ever; Lewis was responsible for 7 tackles and a sack last weekend, and Texada had a 28-yard interception. The Grogs will get a break this weekend but will play against the Oklahoma State Cowboys Saturday, November 19th, at home; we are looking forward to watching the boys have another amazing game and will be cheering them on, hoping for another W!


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