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During finals, I find myself listening to tons of different music while studying. So, while procrastinating my homework, I decided to put together Natalie’s Study Playlist. Some songs motivate me, while others destress me. It is just a combination of songs that somehow spark productivity in my life. 


Here are my favorite five! 


1. Mango by the Peach Tree Rascals 

Makes me feel like I’m sitting on top of a rainbow with no worries. Not to mention, mangos are a great fruit (and like Kendall mentioned, a great study snack). This song just gives me vibes and can make me happy even while I’m writing an eight-page paper.


2. Kayne in My Head by Mills

Now, Kanye may not be my favorite artist ever, however, this song makes me want to have Kanye stuck in my head. The piano and softness behind the track calm me down while I’m trying to remember countless flashcards. 


3. Cherry by Harry Styles

Would it even be my playlist if I didn’t include Harry Styles? Enough said. 


4. (I Think That You Look) Better In Yellow by Ferris and Sylvester 

Who doesn’t need a good mid-study sesh dance break? This song is the perfect upbeat, energy booster that can cure your study session depression.


5. Inside Friend by Leon Bridges featuring John Mayer

At the end of a good night of studying, you need a song that can help you wind down and relax. It’s the kind of jam that could help put you to sleep in the middle of the library at two AM. 


These top five songs are all a part of my Natalie’s Study Playlist which you can find on Spotify! Happy Studying!

Natalie is the Events Director and a writer for Texas Christian University's Her Campus Chapter. She is a freshman this year studying Speech-Language Pathology and Child Development. In her free time, she can be found journalling, crafting, or taking pictures around Fort Worth.
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