Month in Review through Yik Yak: November

November was a big month for TCU. We had a series of important football games, campus events, weird weather, and more. And of course, every big event was talked about over the anonymous social media app Yik Yak! Let’s take a look at TCU’s yaks this month to see what went on….


In early November, we got great news on campus: free HBO Go for all students! Most of us were grateful, but some people were suspicious of TCU’s motives. 

But that first weekend in November, we were crushed with our first football loss against OSU. People did not take it well. 

Nevertheless, we were proud of our team. Horned Frogs keep it classy. 

Later in the month, TCU joined in on the infamous Starbucks cup design discussion. Luckily nothing got too heated. 

Then it was time for football again! The game against Kansas was stressful and fairly close, but luckily TCU came out with a win. 

And we celebrated when Baylor lost their game the next day, obviously. 

And yet, despite the win over the weekend, TCU went down in the rankings. Again. 

The next week, TCU had some pretty strange weather, including an almost-tornado. There were some speculations on what caused it, most of which were not very scientific.

Despite the weird weather, the delivery of the season arrived on time: our TCU Christmas tree! And so the Christmas season began on campus, with lights and decorations brightening our days.

All was good at TCU. We even had a celebrity spotting at the Rec around this time:

And then it was time for another football game: TCU vs. OU. Once again it was stressful, and VERY close towards the end, but unfortunately we were not the victors. People were a little bitter. Still, we did pretty well considering the massive amount of injured players on our team.

But instead of dwelling on the loss, we focused on the next game, arguably the most important game of the season: TCU vs. Baylor. Thus, Baylor Hate Week began. (But really, does Baylor Hate Week ever end?) 

Thanksgiving Break arrived, and most of us went home to our families. On Friday, many came back to experience the game in the stadium, while others simply watched the big game in the comfort of our homes. After all, the weather was pretty terrible that day! But the outcome of the game made up for all of it. 

In double overtime, TCU beat Baylor (or should I say BayLOL?) 28-21. TCU fans couldn’t have been happier! It was a great way to end both the season and the month.



All photos taken from Yik Yak.