Mary Benites: Meet a Phi Mu, Part 2!

Meet another member of TCU's newest sorority!

Name: Mary Benites              

Year: Freshman         

Major: Business/Psychology double major

Hometown: Orono, Minnesota          

Involvement: Phi Mu, Her Campus, Women’s Business Network

Q: What made you decide to rush Phi Mu?

A: “Going through rush I was looking for a sorority where I would fit in and I didn’t really love any of them; I was pushed by my rho gammas to keep going no matter what but it just didn’t feel right and I had Phi Mu in the back of my mind the whole time. After meeting the chapter consultants and the girls who were rushing Phi Mu I knew it was the place for me because I fir right in and I knew I would have endless opportunities as a charter member.”


Q: What has it been like to be a member of a charter sorority?

A: “We are all a big family and we’re all learning how to go through the process together. We have Victoria and Maura walking us through the process but it really just feels like we are all making decisions together as a group and we bond with each other through the process.”


Q: What are some fun facts about Phi Mu?

A: “Phi Mu's colors are pink and white, our symbol is a Quatrefoil, and our motto is "Los Soeurs Fideles" which is translated to "The faithful sisters". Our flower is a Rose color carnation, our mascot is a lion, and our founding date is March 4th, 1852.”

Q: What do you think will be the most difficult part about being in a charter sorority?

A: “I think the hardest part about being in a charter sorority is being new to everything and not having a 200 girls there to help you and teach you how things work; however, we have two amazing chapter consultants here and they have been running things for us and walking us through the process which has made things so much easier.”


Q: What has been your favorite part of being a Phi Mu so far?

A: “My favorite part about being a Phi Mu is having weekly chapter meeting where we do bonding activities with our sisters and get to spend time learning from our chapter consultants. I always meet new people during these meetings and it’s something I look forward to every week!”