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John Robert Hardy (JR)


The Basics:

Name: JR Hardy

Year: Freshman, class of 2019

Major: Business

Hometown: Menlo Park, California (born and raised in Oklahoma City)

Relationship status: Single, looking for the one

Involvement on campus:

  • Associate of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity
  • KinderFrogs
  • Makes videos for venues


Q: How did you end up at TCU?

A: “I’m from California and definitely wanted to get out. Southern hospitality is definitely real and I experienced that when I came to visit a girl who went to my high school. Also, Chick-Fil-A being on campus was huge in my decision.”


Q: Favorite thing about TCU?

A: “Gluten free chicken tenders and blue Powerade.”


Q: How have you dealt with the transition from high school to college?  What has been the biggest change for you?

A: “I’ve dealt well but I miss my mama and my two dogs.”


Q; Favorite hobbies?

A: “Making videos for social venues. I love putting music to videos. I want to work with the football media department next year.”

(Checkout his videos here: https://vimeo.com/142936905 , they’re awesome!)


Q: What do you think your spirit animal is?

A: “Lion. A lot of people see my hair and say I have a mane.”


Q: Who is your favorite Disney princess?

A: “Elsa from Frozen. Low key when she lets her hair down it’s fire.”


Q: What’s your favorite…

…Flavor of skittle?

A: “Red.”

…item in your fridge/cupboard at home?

A: “Cupcake fruity pebbles.”


Q: What’s something on your life bucket list?

A: “Have ‘Accidentally in Love’ from Shrek play when I walk down the aisle at my wedding.”


In terms of the ladies…

Q: Ideal date?

A: “Go to PetSmart, adopt a random pet, and raise it as the relationships develops.”


Q: Deal breakers?

A: “If she isn’t a fan of Chick-Fil-A, doesn’t like music, and is afraid to fall in love.”

Avid Pinterest-er and hopeless romantic
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