John Loucks: He’s Got the Looks

Meet John Loucks! A finance major and Beta Theta Pi fraternity member who is a die-hard Frogs fan. He enjoys long walks on the beach and playing with puppies. Check out our exclusive interview with this Campus Cutie!


Name: John Loucks

Year: Sophomore

Major: Finance

Minor: Economics

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Relationship Status: Single

Involvement on Campus:

  • Frog Camp
  • Frogs First
  • Student Mobilization
  • Beta Theta Pi
  • One Million Reasons


Q: How do you pronounce your last name, so when girls see you in the Commons after reading this they can holler at you?

A: Laughs “Well, Facebook said it’s pronounced “LOWKS.”


Q: You mentioned being involved with Frog Camp, what made you want to become a facilitator?

A: “I had reigning Mr. TCU Caleb Ashbrook as my facilitator and Hannah Stein and they were just so awesome. They made me feel welcome to TCU, which made me want to do the same for new students by helping make them comfortable about coming to a new environment.”


Q: Be honest, did you have a favorite camper?

A: “I can’t pick favorites; I love everyone equally.” (We all know it was Lauren Dooley)


Q: Everyone wants to know, what do you look for in a girl?

A: “Someone who enjoys life doesn’t take things too seriously. A girl with a good positive spirit who smiles a lot.”


Q: So you’re the type who likes long walks on the beach?

A: “Actually, a long walk around town wouldn’t be too bad.”


Q: Last kiss. Three words. Go.

A: “Nothing… too… crazy?”


Q: Now for a serious question, what’s your guilty pleasure song?

A: “ ‘Clean’ by Taylor Swift.”


Q: Since you’re a sophomore, you can tell us about your freshman experience. Did you escape or embrace the freshman 15?

A: “Let’s say I escaped it.”


Q: What has your favorite memory from being here so far?A: “Until we beat Oklahoma last year, we hadn’t really proven much, so beating them was totally unexpected. We got to rush the field and being there with the whole student body and all the players reminded me just how amazing this community was.”


Q: What’s the best decision you’ve made during your collegiate experience?

A: “Getting involved, taking risks, and putting myself out there has helped me meet so many different and new people from it.”


Q: How has your fraternity contributed to your TCU experience?

A: “The guys in Beta Theta Pi have all pushed me to be the best that I can be. They also have helped me get involved in other organizations, which I’ve really enjoyed joining. In general, they’re all great guys who’ve pushed me to be a better man.”


Q: Can you leave us with a personal pro-tip for freshmen?

A: “Have fun; try new things, because you’re only a freshman once.”


Photo courtesy of John Loucks