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Jack May: A Student Leader

After talking with student Jack May, he gave us an insight to what it is like being an involved student on campus. Jack May is a successful student in school, involved in many clubs including being a frog camp facilitator, and a part of Greek life. Her Campus interviewed him to see how he manages it all.

Q: Why did you pick TCU?

A: “Because of the people; the culture is different than any other. From the people that work in the BLUU to the students. Students WANT to help you. They go out of their way to help each other do great things.”


Q: Why did you decide to get so involved on campus?

A: “I was very involved in high school and I didn’t know many people and saw the clubs to be a way to meet new people.”


Q: How do you manage being successful in school, being in greek life and clubs?

A: “It’s all about time management and doing things that you care about because then all the facets of your life align rather than just doing things for a resume builder. Everything I’m involved in I love. Greek life and relationships are important too because they will be a part of what you remember looking back on college.”


Q: What is the key to success in school?

A: “Seeing the enjoyment in the subjects that you are learning. Find the small parts of what you are learning that you enjoy and tap into them, this will help you succeed.”


Q: How did you get past your most difficult time in college thus far?

A: “My friends and my family. Always rely on them and know that you can.”


Q: What makes you ambitious?

A: “I know that there a lot of people who don’t have an opportunity like TCU and aren’t able to utilize the things this great school has to offer. I just want to maximize my opportunities.”


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