How to Be Your Own Mom in College

Dear Freshmen,

Welcome back to the bottom of the food chain…again! The adjustment process from senior year back to freshman year is definitely a significant one. Your transition to our wonderful school will leave you absolutely breathless in a whirlwind of excitement. You’ll meet new friends, join organizations, live life without a curfew, and do what you want when you want. It’s pretty amazing.

Sometimes though, you’re going to get a little homesick. You’ll miss the sound of your dog’s claws clipping across the floor to greet you after a bad day at school. You’ll miss the smell of home cooked meals and not having to worry about how much going out to eat costs. You’ll miss the scent of your dad’s favorite cologne and you’ll miss having your own room.

Most of all, you’ll miss your mom. If you’re anything like me, your mom is your best friend and biggest fan. She annoys you with how many pictures she takes of you, but secretly you don’t mind all that much. She always has medicine if you’re getting sick and gum when you need it. You’ll have a set schedule of shows y’all watch throughout the week and you’ll laugh together until there are tears streaming down your faces at 3 AM.

She loved you from your “yo mama” phase to your heavy eyeliner phase. She loved you even when you wore gauchos and juicy sweat suits. She loved you as she helped you pack up your life and move into your new dorm, and she loved you as she drove away after she got you settled in. So without further ado, here is a list of ways to be your own mom now that you’ve left the nest.


1. Make a first aid kit- Band-Aids and Neosporin are so essential when you live on your own. You never realize how badly you need them until you’ve cut yourself shaving and it’s too late!

2. Budget your money- Figure out your monthly allowance with your parents, split it up into how much you can spend weekly and plan accordingly. Pay attention to prices

3. Make sure you eat your fruits and veggies- I can personally attest to the fact that the freshman 15 is VERY real. When you go to the BLUU, as hard as it may be, try to grab a salad sometimes instead of pizza.

4. ALWAYS keep cold medication in your room- Autumn is truly the best, but it’s also the worst time of year. I have never been sicker than fall/winter my freshman year. Make sure you have a stash of the must-have cold remedies in your room to prepare for sickness.

5. Learn how to grocery shop- When you go to the store, don’t just buy Cheetos, bagels, and Halloween candy. Try and get some nutritional, affordable, and long lasting stuff as well! Grab some turkey, apples, whole grain bread, granola bars, and peanut butter.

6. Know when you need a YOU day- It’s easy to forget with all of the mixers, football games, classes, and socializing, that sometimes you’ll need a night to yourself. Don’t worry, laying in bed and watching Netflix on a Saturday night does NOT make you lame! It’s okay to take a break from all of the socializing to recharge.

7. Love yourself like Mom loves you- This may sound slightly corny, but it’s the most important. There are so many talented and beautiful people here at TCU, and you may find yourself getting caught up comparing yourself to others and feeling inadequate. I know I have. As hard as it may be, try and see yourself as your mom sees you: capable, intelligent, kind, beautiful, and here for a reason.

P.S. Mom if you’re reading this, I love you~