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The Herstory of TCU: Does it Exist?

March: A month that not many people particularly care about. From an outsider's perspective, March simply consists of Saint Patrick’s Day and the sometimes poor decisions that come out of it. To me, March is one of the most important months out of the year. 


March is Women’s History Month. 


As a woman in today’s society, we often feel unheard. Most of our accomplishments go unnoticed, and we are often depicted as behind-the-scenes workers. 


This especially holds true in regard to our school, Texas Christian University. When agreeing to write an article about important women that impacted our school to make it what it is today, I thought it would be easy. I believed that with Google at my fingertips, I would be able to uncover those women who I so desperately wanted to know more about.  


This was not the case. 


All that came out of my Google search was the creation of the Women and Gender Studies Program. While this is an essential piece of TCU today, it is not exactly the information I was going after. 


After some pristine crafting of Google searches, I finally found a small insight supporting my original goal.  In 2019, a group in the Women of Color Feminisms course at TCU made a blog dedicated to important Women of Color that impacted our world. While all these incredible women were essential to feminism, none of them were directly impacting TCU. 


So, my question remains unanswered. 


Who are the women that impacted our campus? Do they exist? Was TCU truly run by just men? Most importantly, if women were a foundational component of TCU’s upbringing, why is information on them so difficult to uncover?


I guess I will have to do a deep dive into our school’s history unless that history was never even recorded.

Natalie is the Events Director and a writer for Texas Christian University's Her Campus Chapter. She is a freshman this year studying Speech-Language Pathology and Child Development. In her free time, she can be found journalling, crafting, or taking pictures around Fort Worth.
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