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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TCU chapter.
*This writer is not a mental health specialist and is speaking from her own experience.*

Healing. A concept many like to brush off and rush. But in reality, there is no rushing it. If you race through a healing process of any kind, your wounds will come back in some shape or form.

It’s like that annoying fly you just can’t seem to fully get away from without swatting at it first. Whether you’re healing from a lost friendship, a breakup, emotional trauma, a significant loss, or any other harmful event, it all matters, and it all takes everyone different amounts of time and coping mechanisms to heal from.

No person can tell you about your process or your journey, or understand it like you do. The healing process is very personal. You know yourself better than anyone. I something hurts you, it hurts you, and only you have to know and understand why. 

I feel like it’s so easy for people who don’t know your story or situation to tell you how to feel, or how not to feel, but here’s your reminder that your feelings are indeed valid. Even if only you understand them, that’s okay because no one else needs to. Don’t be afraid to take a step back from whatever it may be, to heal and become the best version of yourself again. Lastly, remember that you matter, your feelings matter, and your own recognition of your emotions and your healing process matters.

Delayna Zepeda is a first year writer at the Her Campus at Texas Christian University. She has a passion for writing and connecting with others on the hard to discuss topics but also the lighthearted ones. Delayna is a freshman at Texas Christian University and studying journalism with a minor in fitness. She hosted a podcast in high school and wrote in her schools magazine. Outside of Her Campus Delayna enjoys dancing in her free time, quality time with her loved ones, the gym , and all things that involve laughing and having fun.