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It’s that time again: sorority recruitment season. Next week, hundreds of horned frog women will move into their housing and begin a process that is stressful, tiring, and most of all, exciting, as they go through Panhellenic sorority recruitment in hopes of finding a chapter that can be their home-away-from-home.

When I was about to go through recruitment, all I wanted to do was find as much information as possible about the chapters that I could potentially be a part of– and what better way to get information than from the women in the chapters themselves?

Let’s start with defining three of the most important sorority recruitment terms:

PNM: Potential New Member: any woman interested in becoming a Panhellenic sorority member who is eligible for recruitment

Rho Gamma: Panhellenic sorority women who temporarily disassociate from their chapter and are trained to provide PNMs with unbiased assistance and advice during the recruitment process

Bid: a formal invitation to join a sorority

A full list of important terms and definitions can be found in the Panhellenic Summer 2021 Recruitment Booklet.

Now, it’s time to meet Panhellenic!

National Panhellenic Conference

Nickname: Panhellenic, Panhel, NPC

Philanthropy: Circle of Sisterhood

Panhellenic is the umbrella organization for twenty-six sororities nationally. There are twelve Panhellenic sororities at TCU. TCU Panhellenic works to coordinate all aspects of the sorority experience, including primary recruitment and continuous open bidding, among chapters. They also have a philanthropy, Circle of Sisterhood, which is dedicated to improving education for women and girls worldwide. For more information, visit the TCU Panhellenic website.

The Chapters

To get the DL on each chapter, I reached out to a woman from each sorority to get their honest opinions on two questions: 1. Why did you choose your chapter? & 2. How does your chapter stand out from other sororities at TCU? Here’s what they said:

Alpha Chi Omega

Nickname: Alpha Chi, A Chi O

Philanthropy: Domestic Violence Awareness

Why did you choose Alpha Chi Omega?

There are several reasons for choosing my chapter, however Alpha Chi Omega has done more for me than any other organization I have been a part of. When going through the recruitment process my freshmen year, I knew I wanted to find a group of women who would become the older sister I never had. Honestly I’ve always wanted an older sister in my life, but due to being the oldest sibling in my household I didn’t have that relationship in my life. Walking into the big red doors of Alpha Chi Omega, I was immediately loved and empowered by the women surrounding me. Each conversation reminded me of my value and worth, and truly gave me the boost of confidence that I was needing that week. Alpha Chi Omega has gifted me mentors like Madison Ziegler, Keana Gonzales, and Alyssa Alanis who soon became my big sisters as well as best friends such as Avery Benavides, Emily Dearman, Elizabeth Brown, Abby Ranly, and so many more names. I chose Alpha Chi Omega because they loved me for who I was, and they built me into the Real Strong Woman I am now. (Ellen Brown, VP Recruitment)

How does your chapter stand out from other sororities at TCU?

Alpha Chi Omega stands out for its ability to not only give you the sisterhood you always wanted, but also to give you the opportunity to make a difference in the world. Alpha Chi Omega has the number one philanthropic fundraising efforts on campus by raising approximately 1.1 million dollar for Domestic Violence Awareness. The Real Strong Woman mentality of our philanthropy has encouraged our members to not only be involved with our organization, but to go beyond their comfort zones to find their own passions. Therefore, making the world a better and safer place by empowering members to give back. Beyond philanthropy, Alpha Chi Omega women push each other to be the best versions of themselves. Alpha Chi’s strive to not stick to a mold, but strive to encourage everyone to have their own opinions, thoughts, and purpose. Alpha Chi Omega has not only given me the resources to succeed in college academically, but it has taught me how to confidently be myself in all situations life throws my way. (Ellen Brown, VP Recruitment)

Alpha Delta Pi

Nickname: ADPi

Philanthropy: Ronald McDonald House Charities, Max Gruver Foundation

Why did you choose Alpha Delta Pi?

I chose ADPi because every girl I talked to seemed so genuine and I felt our personalities meshed well! (Katie Elliot, Director of Facility Management)

How does your chapter stand out from other sororities at TCU?

ADPi really values sisterhood, and “We Live For Each Other,” as our motto says. (Katie Elliot, Director of Facility Management)

Chi Omega

Nickname: Chi O

Philanthropy: Make-A-Wish Foundation®

Why did you choose Chi Omega?

I chose Chi Omega because I wanted to find a group of women I wanted to be like throughout my time at TCU. The women I met were and are smart, fun, and caring individuals. I felt comfortable and seen in Chi Omega, and knew the girls wanted to get to know me for me. (Annalea Pedigo, Recruitment Chair)

How does your chapter stand out from other sororities at TCU?

All the Panhellenic chapters at TCU are high-achieving and have some of the most inspirational women on TCU’s campus. Chi Omega stood out to me personally because of our philanthropy, Make-A-Wish and the hands-on experience all Chi Omegas share. As Chi Omegas, we can grant wishes for the kiddos with critical illnesses. Wish Granting parties are hosted at the house for these children, and we are able to meet with some of the kids and their incredible families. I loved how much Make-A-Wish meant to everyone in Chi Omega at TCU and Nationally.

(Annalea Pedigo, Recruitment Chair)

Delta Delta Delta

Nickname: Tri Delt, Tri Delta

Philanthropy: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Why did you choose Delta Delta Delta?

Coming into TCU, I did not know many people, so I was extremely nervous for recruitment. Not having familiar faces greet you when you enter a chapter room was terrifying to say the least. When I entered Tri Delt, there weren’t familiar faces per say, but rather friendly faces who welcomed me with love. My nerves settled each time I walked through the doors of Tri Delt. Each member is unique, but they all share a deep love and friendship with each other which is evident in every interaction. After seeing this, I hoped for friendships as true as the women in Tri Delt and made the best decision of my life to pledge Tri Delta! (Emily Grace Rodgers, President)

How does your chapter stand out from other sororities at TCU?

Each chapter has its own very important philanthropy, but Tri Delta’s philanthropy holds a special spot in my heart. Nationally, Tri Delta has a partnership with St. Jude Children’s Hospital, a hospital focused on providing exceptional care for pediatric catastrophic diseases like cancer. The best part? No family will ever receive a bill for treatment, food, or housing. Tri Delta’s support helps continue this! Additionally, Tri Delta Phi Lambda is partnered with Cook Children’s Hospital right up the road from TCU so members are able to volunteer and see the amazing work Cook Children’s does firsthand! (Emily Grace Rodgers, President)

Delta Gamma

Nickname: DG

Philanthropy: Service For Sight

Why did you choose Delta Gamma?

I chose Delta Gamma because, each of the women I talked to, I could imagine them being a close friend of mine. I felt so comfortable, and I just knew I could truly be myself around these strong, confident, and beautiful women! (Kaitlin Soltis, VP Membership)

How does your chapter stand out from other sororities at TCU?

What really sticks out to me about my family is how diverse everyone’s backgrounds are. It’s truly incredible how so many women from so many different walks of life are able to find qualities in each other and grow a strong friendship and sisterhood. (Kaitlin Soltis, VP Membership)

Gamma Phi Beta

Nickname: GPhi, Gamma Phi

Philanthropy: Girls On The Run

Why did you choose Gamma Phi Beta? 

When I went through recruitment, I found that the conversations I was having in Gamma Phi were my favorite of each day! I didn’t feel like I was being interviewed and that the women in the chapter were truly excited to get to know me. Looking back, it was the one house during recruitment I always felt no nerves walking into every day! (Lindsey O’Neil, Membership Vice President)

How does your chapter stand out from other sororities at TCU? 

I think what stands out about Gamma Phi is that our members are spread out in terms of interests, majors, and walks of life, yet we all get along so well as we share similar values. I have never met a sister that I cannot have a great conversation with! It is really cool to go through college with a group of women from who you can learn new things and who will always be in your corner. (Lindsey O’Neil, Membership Vice President)

Kappa Alpha Theta

Nickname: Theta

Philanthropy: Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)

Why did you choose Kappa Alpha Theta?

How could you not love a place that loves ALL of you—the laughing until you cry version, dancing until your feet hurt version, sprinting to the library sweating version and all? I thought Theta because I knew I would find people who would hold me close and never let go, no matter how much of a whirlwind life may be. I knew this place was special—and the fact that I’m able to help others see what I see this year is the best part of all! (Allison Dowdell, Chief Recruiting Officer_

How does your chapter stand out from other sororities at TCU?

Let’s be real for a second– starting your college experience brings all sorts of silly, exciting, stressful, crazy, brand new things that will lead you to your highest of highs and lowest of lows. What I, and the rest of the women of Kappa Alpha Theta, want most of all is to hold your hand through those times. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Theta has brought out the best parts of me—some that I didn’t even know I possessed—and has given me the most intelligent, witty, loving, and steadfast role models that make me want to pinch myself just to confirm they’re real. These women are my ride or dies, and the friendships I’ve made among Theta women are fiercely loving and true. I can confidently say that since my recruitment in August of 2019, I’ve never met a stranger in the Theta house. (Olivia Egloff, Recruitment Director)

Kappa Kappa Gamma

Nickname: Kappa

Philanthropy: Reading Is Fundamental (RIF)

Why did you choose Kappa Kappa Gamma?

When I went through recruitment I did not know too much about the chapters or nearly anyone at TCU, which gave me the opportunity to go through with a very open mind. I saw that the members of Kappa were from all over the country and each unique in their own way, but all shared qualities that encouraged and supported one another, which made them all so close. During the last round, preference, I remember the Kappa member I spoke to and the Membership Chairman telling me to choose the chapter in which I felt those people would be there with me for the good times, but also would drop everything and be there for me during the bad, whether that was in Kappa or not. I felt like the members of Kappa truly got to know me and wanted me to find the chapter that best fit me, and I never felt pressured to choose them. I felt a sense of belonging and saw qualities in the women of Kappa I wanted to have and I could not be happier with my decision! (Paige Price, Membership Chair)

How does your chapter stand out from other sororities at TCU?

The 2020 – 2021 Kappa chapter at TCU was made up of women from over 30 states with every member being different from one another and bringing their own values to the chapter. Rather than being a chapter that fits people with certain interests, commonalities, or several connections to the chapter, Kappa looks for members who have their own passions and interests and we are brought together by supporting one another and working together to grow as individuals during college and forever afterwards. (Paige Price, Membership Chair)

Phi Mu

Nickname: N/A

Philanthropy: Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMNH)

Why did you choose Phi Mu?

I always say that I didn’t choose Phi Mu, Phi Mu chose me. When I went through recruitment two years ago, Phi Mu always resonated with me because of how real and genuine these women came across. This has even stood true today. I was looking for a strong sisterhood where I could be myself without the fear of judgement. Phi Mu at TCU has given me all that and so much more. My sisters have become some of my best friends here at TCU and I cannot imagine life without them. (Sarah Littlejohn, Membership Director)

How does your chapter stand out from other sororities at TCU?

I think something that sets Phi Mu apart from other sororities on campus are our members. Our members are some of the most hardworking, dedicated, passionate, and kind-hearted women I have met in my entire life. Phi Mu’s three core values are Love, Honor, and Truth, which we strive to live by each and every day. My sisters are some of the most loving, honorable and truthful women I know. Throughout my past two years at TCU, these women have been my support system through everything. They have seen me at my best and even my worst, yet through it all, they have loved me unconditionally. (Sarah Littlejohn, Membership Director)

Pi Beta Phi

Nickname: Pi Phi

Philanthropy: Read > Lead > Achieve®

Sigma Kappa

Nickname: SK

Philanthropy: Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness, Gerontology, Maine Seacoast Mission, Inherit the Earth

Why did you choose Sigma Kappa?

I chose Sigma Kappa because I felt like I could be myself when I was speaking with the girls and they reciprocated genuine care for me. This is when I knew I could see this chapter being the one for me, and where I would meet the girls that would be my lifelong friends. (Olivia Keblawi)

How does your chapter stand out from other sororities at TCU?

Sigma Kappa is so special because of every girl in our chapter being so unique in her own way. The best thing about Sigma Kappa is that we all love, encourage, and support one another no matter the passion or talents. As an individual we can accomplish so many things, but as a chapter we are able to celebrate them and allow you to strive for more, which is something truly amazing! (Olivia Keblawi)

Zeta Tau Alpha

Nickname: Zeta

Philanthropy: Breast Cancer Education and Awareness

Why did you choose Zeta Tau Alpha?

I didn’t know anyone from home going into TCU or during the recruitment process. From the beginning, Zeta made me feel seen and special just the way I am. Recruitment can be a stressful and nerve-racking process; however, Zeta made me feel comfortable and allowed me to be myself. The conversations I had with Zeta felt genuine and easy, like we were already good friends. Feeling like I belonged and could connect with the women Zeta helped make a difficult decision an easy one. (Sarah Crispi, MC ‘19 Director of Sisterhood and Work Week Chair)

How does your chapter stand out from other sororities at TCU?

For me, Zeta stands out from other chapters because we strive to lift each other up and make all the women of our chapter and all other chapters feel supported. Our chapter’s philanthropy is breast cancer awareness and education, which helps to educate and involve our sisters in women empowerment. I feel so blessed to call Zeta my home and to be a part of such a special sisterhood. (Sarah Crispi, MC ‘19 Director of Sisterhood and Work Week Chair)


With twelve amazing chapters at TCU, you really can’t go wrong wherever you end up. If you decide that sorority life isn’t for you, that’s totally okay too! There are so many opportunities to get involved on campus, starting with the Student Organization Fair on August 21 during Frogs First weekend.

Good luck to all of the PNMs going through recruitment next week, and of course, remember to be yourself– that’s all you can do!

Kendall McCarthy is a double major in strategic communications & French at Texas Christian University, and 2021 President of Her Campus at TCU. Her friends describe her as enthusiastic, positive, and a friend to all-- so if you see her on campus, come say hi! When she's not working on HC, you can usually find her at Ampersand or Common Grounds or watching The Bachelor on Monday nights. Contact her at [email protected]
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