Girl, For Real: Featuring the All-Female Student Body Officers of TCU

Hello! My name is Martin Vershel, writer of the Girl, For Real column! Today I am with the all-female TCU Student Body Officer cohort: President Paige Shiring, Vice President Liliana Ogden, and Treasurer Gabby Douthitt. How are y’all today?

ALL: Doing well!


What was it like serving in an all-female student body officer cohort?

Paige: I wouldn’t have traded my experience for the world. The women I work with are fantastic. They support me, communicate openly, inspire me, and above all, are fantastic humans. They work hard and we have been able to do a lot of good this year.

Liliana: Yeah, it was incredible! I got to see a lot of women in places of power and leadership. You don’t get to see it everywhere. We had a resilient group and it was so amazing to work with them during such a trying year.

Gabby: I agree! Serving in an all-female student body officer cohort was so much better than I could have imagined. During this term, I have learned so much about bold yet humble leadership from Paige and Liliana. I believe we were able to bring our individual gifts of compassion, humility, innovation, and enthusiasm to a wild year that demanded something different from SBOs than in the past. This experience is something that I will remember forever, and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.


How do you think this has impacted women on TCU's campus?

Paige: I am very lucky to go to a school that I feel really empowers women, and I think this work to further that. TCU has plenty of room for improvement, and having our leading students be women is a great next step.

Liliana: Since this is the first time, I think it has inspired other women to run for leadership positions on campus, not just in SGA, but in their chapters and other student organizations. Hopefully, this allows women on campus to feel more confident and seize the ideas in front of them. 


Is there any big takeaway from this past year?

Gabby: Mostly, this past year taught me a lot about showing up when people need me. I had the privilege of assisting other cabinet members with their projects on top of my own work with the budget, and being part of these external projects reinforced the return of following through and offering help whenever and wherever it is needed. I hope to carry this loyalty and consistency with me wherever I go following this role.


Do you have any advice for other females looking at the President, Vice President, or Treasurer position, respectively?

Paige: Own your femininity. Above all, be yourself. But, the traits that stereotypically are attributed to women are also the traits that will help you lead effectively; for example, “taking initiative, acting with resilience, practicing self-development, driving for results, and displaying high integrity and honest”. You can be bold, passionate, and respectful while also being proud of the fact that you are a woman. Also, don’t take any crap from anyone 

Liliana: If you look at it, go for it! It’s been challenging, but it has also been incredibly eye-opening and successful. I’ve learned so much about myself through this process and made so many wonderful connections. I encourage anyone who’s looking at running for the position, to dive headfirst into this phenomenal experience!

Gabby: Women have been discouraged from saying no forever. My greatest advice is to say no when you need to, say yes when you can, and be bold.


Thank you all so much for joining us today, and I wish you all the best in the future! If you would like to share your voice in an interview, email [email protected]!